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Recent content by TheCrimson2k1

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    Would it be ok to IM her even if....

    Better make sure your internet game is real good before you go trying that **** (if your intentions are to hook up w/ this chick). I cut off contact with girls I'd be interested when it comes to the internet because it takes away from the mystery of yourself is she is wondering where you are...
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    Tips to a fun, successful Prom night?

    Got Prom this Saturday. What are some good tips to make it a fun night for myself and those around me?
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    Taking a break from DJing...

    From what I understand, Dj is a lifestyle, it's not just about the girls. So to give up that lifestyle, which in essence is pretty damn awesome, you are missing out.
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    She flirts with other guys in front of me?

    Thanks for the tips and encouragement. What do you think are some good general ways to "take over" the group conversation? I mean, if they're talking about something on which you have no real grasp on, it's hard to try to start chiming in, you know?
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    She flirts with other guys in front of me?

    This girl I'm kinda sorta dating and am going to prom with flirts with other guys blatantly in front of me. It's a real weird situation. We've gone on a couple dates. This was after I asked her to prom, so the vibe was that she liked me. Because otherwise she would've said no, right? But, she...
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    Driving myself/my date to Prom

    I'll be rollin' up in a black ext/int 2001 Lexus IS 300. Pimpin'.
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    Two dates, still no fvking kiss! Where do I stand!?

    Tried Well, when I dropped her off we sat in the car and I said "Hope you enjoyed, it blah blah blah." i was gonna make my move then once our eyes locked but she began to open the door so I decided I was gonna make my move at the front door. Well, we talked for about a minute and man I was...
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    Two dates, still no fvking kiss! Where do I stand!?

    Crap. I'm in SERIOUS trouble. It's not that I'm prude, I've been engaging in sexual activities for a while now, but for some reason the level of nervosity with this girl is rediculous. Anyway, two dates, still no kiss. Where do I stand with this girl? Am I a prude to her, or what? And the...
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    I'm getting neghit!?

    I figured as much. I mean, she wouldn't accept three dates I've asked her on including prom if she was leading me on, eh?
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    I'm getting neghit!?

    Please help out a poor soul, wouldya?
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    I'm getting neghit!?

    Ok, so this girl and I are going to prom. I asked her about a month ago and I used that as a prompt to start dating. Anyway, we've gone on a couple dates and our third is to the Cardinals game this friday. So, about the neghitting. She's a real sarcastic type of person and pretty much...
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    When/where to go for the first kiss?

    Not in context of if the date went well, but I mean where, literally. I've already had a date and at that point I felt a kiss would be rushing it because the date was good, not great. I feel the first kiss really effects the girl and increases the level of attraction if she's already been...