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Recent content by NSX-R

  1. NSX-R

    Do you think men should try to become "friends" with women as a first step into becoming lovers with them?

    I was never friends with any female I’ve been with . Only the ones that I’m not attracted to fall into that category.
  2. NSX-R

    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Been in NC since 23rd of April. Actually it was 1 and a half month longer but she Send me some wishes for my nameday which i replied 40 hours later saying “thank you “ and that’s all . Since then been with 5 females (banged them the last 2 weeks) . Yesterday for some reason a saw her on my dream...
  3. NSX-R

    If Women Treat You Like a '10' You ARE a '10'

    I feel ya . Got many friends who never get any attention and it seems weird to me but i was just more luckier in the genetic lottery. Still attracting and fcking as many others pointed out correctly are two different things.
  4. NSX-R

    Instagram fakes

    Been noticing couple of fake accounts following my instagram activity and i wanted to know if there’s some way to find out which person is it . I thought that tracking IP address might be one way but i don’t know how to do it . Anyone here knows how to do it ?
  5. NSX-R

    Should you ever compliment a girl on her looks?

    I always thought the only compliment worth to mention is their hair . Never comment bad a woman’s hairstyle. Other than that making compliments is waste of time and i believe a way to lower your value in her eyes
  6. NSX-R

    George Floyd Riots: A Possible False Flag?

    He’s gonna win and i strongly believe it as much as i did the first time he won . Personally i believe that’s the beginning of a Trump dynasty. He’s gonna go with a 2nd term even maybe with a 3rd term if the new law he’s preparing get passed . After him Ivanka is gonna be the next President of...
  7. NSX-R

    That 420/ that puff puff and pass.. read this

    90% of people screaming about its “medical purpose “ want it only for recreational purposes. Good post
  8. NSX-R

    George Floyd Riots: A Possible False Flag?

    People must be stupid to not believe that this is just another game to bring Trump down. Personally i believe he’s the best President ever and I’m not even American or live in the US . First they used the Russian influence card during the elections . They failed . Then they used the immigration...
  9. NSX-R

    Getting to a point where lifestyle and social circle gets you hot girls.

    I got most of my lays if not all by lifestyle and social circle . Never used old .
  10. NSX-R

    How your peers saw you in childhood-adolescense. Is that permanent?

    When i was younger i was going through a hard phase . Maybe the worst period of my life. Some people took advantage of it to make themselves feel better . Fast forward 10 years , they nowhere to be found and myself is like 3 times bigger and 10 times better than how i used to be . These guys are...
  11. NSX-R

    Too Hot to Handle(Dynamics for escalation)

    This particular moment was early before the Limitations were in effect so it wasn’t costly plus the players knew nothing by then . As for Francesca and that dude , it was the same . He escalated first , even though the black dude imo was the alpha in the group and used the proper principles, he...
  12. NSX-R

    Too Hot to Handle(Dynamics for escalation)

    I recently saw this reality show (other than that the intelligence was on the very very lows) it amazed me of how some social dynamics work . Take for example Rhonda , David and Sharron . Meanwhile David was the first to pick up Rhonda , she was mutually interested to him plus their...
  13. NSX-R

    How long was your longest Oneitis?

    Around 16 months. Met her again recently for a coffee and felt nothing so I’m confident to say I’m over it . Learned lots of things. Actually recently i met a new one which looks/behaves almost exactly as the one i had oneitis for . I think universe/karma/god call it as you like might want to...
  14. NSX-R

    She backed off - any thoughts (improving my skills even more)

    You’re not her 1st or at least her 2nd option. I know you into her but still she seems low quality. In your place maybe i would text her just to check the waters and push for something. That way you’ll know.
  15. NSX-R

    Can't put my finger on it but Canadian women are the worst of the Anglosphere.

    Went to Toronto last year and i can confirm that . I believe they the most fake women out there along with the Swiss.