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Recent content by mrskinnypantz

  1. mrskinnypantz

    Once the respect is gone is there any way to get it back?

    No, if the respect is gone is the purest form of rejection.
  2. mrskinnypantz

    What we can learn from Depp v. Heard.

    Ranger is right , things with a crazy woman never get better as a matter of fact it only gets worse. The longer you stay the more she plays with you
  3. mrskinnypantz

    How Often Are You Approached/Stared At/Receive IOI's?

    Most times I expect sex on the first date, is that too much? Sometimes I get it sometimes I don't
  4. mrskinnypantz

    Kevin Samuels has passed away

    I can't believe this. He was on a music video with future, got on live vid with Nicki Minaj and more. The News called him"controversial " and "misogynist" ... Harsh words for a dead person.
  5. mrskinnypantz

    Is the trans agenda a threat to civilization?

    The biggest threat is that this is not godly,if more and more men date more and more men and women date more women , we will fail to continue to populate the earth
  6. mrskinnypantz

    How Often Are You Approached/Stared At/Receive IOI's?

    It's not anyone else's problem if someone else doesn't get choosing signals , god helps those who help themselves,if they aren't getting choosing signals I'm almost certain that they know why and what they have to do to fix it. If you NEVER receive any choosing signals something is most...
  7. mrskinnypantz

    How Often Are You Approached/Stared At/Receive IOI's?

    I've noticed some today , women will catch me looking and hold eye contact or vice versa noticed it yesterday . They will crack jokes or smile. The more you get out the house the more you will notice it. Go out to eat somewhere you've never been and sit in , even if by yourself. Call up your...
  8. mrskinnypantz

    Young Single Men SIGNIFICANTLY Outnumber Women

    Or get taken advantage of by it
  9. mrskinnypantz

    Opinion - Wandering eyes

    Do unto others as you want done to you Would you like it if your hot date couldn't keep her eyes off that guy she has smoltering desire for? At the end of the day it has nothing to do with jealousy or anything , it's all about respect
  10. mrskinnypantz

    Boys from single mother households and escaping the nest.

    Very well spoken and you got your point across Accurately . I came from a single parent home , with no father in the home a young boy is smothered and not allowed to go into the world and struggle and make mistakes and get fvcked up in the process. This is detrimental, it stops the masculine...
  11. mrskinnypantz

    Women and dread game

    Yea , if you find yourself having to use dread game (early on) it's a sign that this girl is too busy living her "best life" , in other words she knows her SMV is at a peak, so it doesn't make any sense to her to pair up or bond with anybody , she is having fun right now. Anything you do to try...