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Recent content by MichaelangelloB

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    Dating Colleagues in the Work Place

    You've gotta concider which is the higher priority: your job or the girl. I've dated many girls I've worked with but I've always had jobs I could easily walk away from. My advise: Wait till she's drunk at the office Christmas party and make your move then.
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    dating and kids

    Don't shop-lift the pootie
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    Turning a good girl into a freak

    I believe ALL women are freaks, some just need all the emotional reassurance crap before they let loose. Some good girls have to be extreamly comfortable with you and know you're "the one" before they let loose. Of course that's not what guys wanna hear, as we are all like you--impatient...
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    Studly car types

    I agree...big cars get the hunnies. I had an '88 linclon towncar, cromed out, 15' 100 spokes, sky blue with the midnight blue cloth top, with white leather interior. The back seat was practically a sofa. That was my first car and I loved it. Had a lot of fun in it too. Young chicks will...
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    Over Two Months Have Passed....

    Pulling your chain??? I'd say that women give out fake numbers to probably 65% of guys that ask for them, the other 35% of the time they just won't answer when you call or blow you off. So I'd say her giving up the digits without you even asking for them is a pretty sure sign that she was...
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    Lack Of Experience Concerns

    Don't over think it By being in the state of mind you're in now (oh my god I don't know what to do, what will she think, what if I'm no good, blah blah blah) you're gonna shoot yourself in the foot. Don't over think things. Don't worry so much about how she will feel. Worry about what's...
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    Marrige? RUN!!!!

    These oldsters say I do because I'm only 19.
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    Marrige? RUN!!!!

    I'm in the same boat as you, except I get 18 year olds that want to marry me.
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    Amazed at some stuff

    I blame the pharmacutical companies. Nowadays whaen someone has a problem, any problem, theres a pill for it. People don't have to face things and deal with them any more. We're a bunch of pill-poppin puzzies.
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    Amazed at some stuff

    I agree, as a guy brought up in such a world. Fortunatly I played more street ball than little league so I'm not too f*cked up. Kids are wimps.
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    Amazed at some stuff

    Need proof that America is controlled by women? Just look at society over the past few years. Clinton lying about a bj was a WAY bigger deal than Bush lying about weapons of mass destruction, even though nobody died over his lie. Watch any sitcom on tv. All of them are about dopey guys...
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    Relationship that starts with sex on day 1

    I'd also like to point out that the first few posts on this thread, all by Senior or Master DJ's, were of the same opinion as mine, yet none of them were considered "immature" or "childish" or "close-minded." I suppose prejudice is everywhere.
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    Amazed at some stuff

    See I had a good pops, that's why I'm on this board.