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Recent content by Mazer

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    Can I pull it off at 34?

    42 here and was hooking up with a 19 year old, a 22 year old, and a 27yr all of last year. I also look like I’m in my early 30’s for what it’s worth. Most of these women were mature for their age.
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    Why dont beautiful women have boyfriends?

    A lot of these women are still chasing or waiting on the guy that dumped them, which then sabotages any future relationships with another man. Women who are high quality get scooped up quickly. Make no mistake, most of these women are single because they choose to be and it’s usually because of...
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    When Her Ex Still Follows Her on Social Media

    Treat her as a plate, nothing more and please be dating/sleeping with other women. I fear from your post, you are headed down a path you are not going to necessarily enjoy.
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    This Covid era will be final the nail in the coffin of dating for many women in their 30s

    I would be curious to see if the obesity rates increase from being locked down due to Corona. I know three women who were slim and active but have gained fifteen pounds in the last six months by sitting on the couch eating anything they can get their hands on.
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    Q: Dude snapchatting my GF...

    I told my current gf, when we first started dating, that I wont ever have to tell my girlfriend what to do when a guy hits on her, because if she doesn’t know to respond, then she isn’t my girlfriend. Just like that.
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    cant get a boner

    Fawk hotter women
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    Being with one Woman...

    Following. I am in same situation, two years into a great relationship and I want to fawk everything in sight. I’m not sure if it will ever go away.
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    Home Ownership and Game

    As long as you don’t live at your moms house, most women don’t care. However if your house or apartment is exquisite, an amazing view of the city or beach front then it can help if she is already attracted to you. “Hey baby, come over, you have to see the view from my place”. I believe location...
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    How confident are you when it comes to sex, and why or why not?

    First, I never go down on a woman until she goes down on me first. Secondly, I bang her from all different angles, talk dirty to her, rough sex sometimes. Lastly, I finger a girl as as I remove her clothing. My penis is inside her 99% of the time. Never had any complaints and a lot of repeat...
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    you dont recover once you play the fool

    I agree with you. I have also noticed the thing that peaks their interest again is if they start seeing you with good looking women.
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    You're too nice

    Ignore unless your life is in danger. These loser friends of yours thrive on drama over the small things. They have no self control. They are probably envious of how you don’t emotionally overreact. People who do stupid things never get a reaction from me because in my world, they simply don’t...
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    Fvcked up post date interaction...best way to salvage?

    Don’t bother analyzing these bishes. Some will be into you, others won’t. If you have had success with the ladies in the last few years then I wouldn’t worry. You can ask yourself, what’s different about the way you interact with these women compared to last year? In the beginning, my first...
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    Anyone else noticed a change in female interest-levels since COVID lockdowns?

    You better hit up Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. Plenty of women.
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    not normally my type

    I had a woman once tell me on a second date that I wasn’t her type and she usually dated more attractive guys. I ignored. I was facking her an hour later and ghosted her ass. Don’t pay too much attention to what she says, Always follow her actions.
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    Lessons I learned from the decline of NYC

    I’m not sure how things are in NYC these days in terms of pick up with the coronavirus but I do know what it was like last year. It was so easy to get phone numbers and dates with hot women just walking the streets. I don’t do the club scene anymore, rush hour game is where it’s at for me. I...