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Recent content by Mazer

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    What motivates women to insist or suggest a dinner first date?

    No dinner until sex. Only drinks.
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    It's Embarrassingly Pathetic How Women Can't Even Cook anymore

    Most women have no hobbies or passions. They are either workaholics, social media addicts or world travelers. The few women I have met who do cook and clean are usually involved in plenty of hobbies. Crafts, volunteer, sports etc.
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    What redflags did you ignore?

    Two divorces in four years. (Blue-pill days)
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    I feel like I lost the frame, how do I get it back?

    I wish my girlfriend would leave me alone for a week Lol. What you have here is a girl who is losing interest or has lost interest. A quality woman would call you to discuss, not block you on social media. Same goes for you. This tells me you didn’t screen her properly for a LTR. I would start...
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    Dont ever try and red pill your mates......Ever!

    I usually tell my mates who are experiencing trouble with their women that I have been in their shoes many times and what I have learned is to never chase after her. Your odds of getting her back are almost zero. This is what I have done in the past that gave me success, blah blah, then wish...
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    How long do you men wait for sex?

    2-3 dates is where you want to be. I have waited five dates a few times but the wait is never worth it. (Boring in bed)
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    How would you respond?

    Sex 2-3 times a week with the same woman can be a bit tricky, make sure your honest with yourself, and you aren’t getting feelings for her. It happens all the time, it’s common especially when you have been seeing this woman often, even if it’s just for sex. I wouldnt make myself too available...
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    Try some of that hair powder (dust) they sell, adds volume to your hair if you have a decent amount.
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    We Are On Verge of Complete Dating Collapse

    His comment had nothing to do with what we are discussing and didn’t add any value to conversation. He just wanted to tell us which way he leans politically.
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    Stay safe out there guys! Lol

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    As I get older my friends seem to be really boring...

    I’m 43 and experiencing the same. I seem to have outgrown most of my friends. The majority of them are boring. They go to work, drink beer, mow the lawn and spend countless hours playing video games on their days off while their wives yell at them. On the other hand, I have ton of hobbies, go to...
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    Finally met someone I really like

    Damn, four weeks in and she is pulling this crapp, If I were you, I would eject immediately. It also sounds like you are giving off relationship vibes in the first week. You just stayed at her place and then you made plans to go for a walk right away. Give her time to miss you. How many times...
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    What level of affection is normal when dating?

    I kiss them halfway through on the first date, Why wait until the end of the date?! I have had a 90% success rate with this method. Make sure she is enjoying your company before you go in.
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    Girl asks me to hang out, then says she'll let me know lol

    Low Interest on her part. If you still think you have a chance with her which I would be surprise, I would schedule a date with her, set a firm time and day, anything but a Yes is a no.
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    I ***** out of most of my approaches because I'm afraid the girls are too young. What do?

    Stop and ask for directions is a good way to find out her age. Ask her if she can point you in the direction of a certain bar, lounge, high school or college in the area. If she points you in the direction of the high school, then ask her if she goes there, if it’s a bar, ask her if she goes...