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Recent content by Mazer

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    What level of affection is normal when dating?

    I kiss them halfway through on the first date, Why wait until the end of the date?! I have had a 90% success rate with this method. Make sure she is enjoying your company before you go in.
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    Girl asks me to hang out, then says she'll let me know lol

    Low Interest on her part. If you still think you have a chance with her which I would be surprise, I would schedule a date with her, set a firm time and day, anything but a Yes is a no.
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    I ***** out of most of my approaches because I'm afraid the girls are too young. What do?

    Stop and ask for directions is a good way to find out her age. Ask her if she can point you in the direction of a certain bar, lounge, high school or college in the area. If she points you in the direction of the high school, then ask her if she goes there, if it’s a bar, ask her if she goes...
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    Mixed signals

    I’m going to suspect another guy is in the picture. Possibly an ex. Next time she comes over or you go over to her place and she doesn’t want to put out, you simply cut the date short. You are going to become the guy she “cuddles” with and gets no sex. Do not be afraid to cut the night short...
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    She doesn't think I can handle being friends

    She controls the frame. When you become more experienced with women, you won’t be looking for “the challenge”. That’s ego talk. Your time is valuable and you shouldn’t be spending it on women who are “challenging”. I would tell her, “come to think of it maybe you are right” and then never...
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    The problem with the advice on SS

    My advice is to not wait to be all of those things before you go after women. You will get your biggest return on your investment if you get into great shape, which only requires 6-12 months of dedication. Also, find any job where you can practice your social skills, which in turn will help you...
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    What kinda shoes do you guys wear?

    This. Cole Haan and Ecco have a few nice ones
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    Which path to take?

    Thirty-three is still young these days. You might regret getting locked down at this age despite what your friends tell you. I’m currently in a relationship but the best years of my dating life were between the ages 37- 41. Good Luck.
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    Should I wear the outfit more that a girl complimented me on?

    Wear what you want, as long as you have good style. I concur with different shirt/same fit. Are you interested in this girl? Compliments are nice but I usually have women grab my arms and touch my abs through my shirt. It’s a sure sign they want the D.
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    Effectively Handling Peoples Shaming Tactics

    Agree & Amplify
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    I got pumped and dumped by a chick last night

    I was thinking the same. She better be suckin dis cawk before I go anywhere near that puss. With that being said, congrats on the lay OP.
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    shjttt test. How should I respond to this??

    Most of the time when a woman tells you she isn’t playing games, she’s likely playing games. You are wasting too much time on this bish. Cut through the BS, schedule a meet up, “hey babe, I’m free on x day, come visit me. If she is interested she will meet. If she doesn’t then don’t waste any...
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    Will a COVID-19 Vaccine Be Required to Get a Date or Get Laid with a New Woman?

    Doubt it. If women aren’t asking guys if they have Herpes, then I doubt they will care about them having Covid.
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    Whats a proper way to react to this...

    I have encountered these many times in my early days. I suggest you retract the offer, say something like “sounds like you aren’t sure, let’s do it some other time”. Do NOT contact her after you take back the offer. Disappear. It only works if you do not chase her after you retracted the offer...