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    Is a woman married if......

    european countries some of them have the wedding ring on the right hand what country is she from ? what nationality is she ? it may be she has it on her right hand due to her families tradition LIT :D
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    All the good girls are taken, why bother?

    great posts Comic_Relief :D for the doubters Quote: Pook “Many girls merely upgrade their boyfriends and never become single “ for those with faith Quote : Pook ”Being a Don Juan is not a net sum of smooth manuevers and methods but of your own outlook on the world and on women...
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    Chuck FVCKING Norris!

    :crackup: :crackup: :crackup: :crackup: chuck norris is a legend LIT
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    Why I love this forum (post why you do!)

    due to the break down of the family unit alot of men grow up without a father and not knowing or understanding who they are the bad news is this site is populated by alot of men who don't know who they are so you will see some good advice and some bad advice use your own sound judgement...
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    So she is pregnant (this is bad)

    Quote : djbr PS.: The forum is in reflection mode these days.. :) for everything there is a season ;) Lost In Translation :D **AUSTRALIAN STREET PIMP** to HB9 Gene Scientist “you know, you and I have a lot in common, you want to manipulate my genes and I want to manipulate your...
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    Obedient Women - Good or Bad?

    Immaculate on your suicide comment i hope my story helps you COPY + PASTED from thread http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=86393&perpage=20&pagenumber=3 Drink Driving i have been there CLOONEY i got sentanced to 3 months jail for drink driving when i was 21...
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    Take a look in the mirror you losers

    Casino maybe they never learned the golden rule of pimpin' DON'T LET YOUR D*CK RUN YOUR LIFE Lost In Translation :D **AUSTRALIAN STREET PIMP**
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    So she is pregnant (this is bad)

    i heard this song alittle while ago and it helped me because i have never talked about this stuff with anyone i guess it was bottled up inside of me then i heard this song "Forgive Me" - Proof feat. 50 Cent download it and have a listen i guess unless you have been there it might...
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    So she is pregnant (this is bad)

    A Street Pimp's Perspective i am going to copy and paste stuff i have posted before about chicks i have gotten pregnant COPY + PASTE : what i wrote about the chicks i have gotten pregnant and the chicks that PRETENDED they were pregnant ok now to the serious $hit. i am going to give...
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    Does lack of orgasm = disinterest in a woman?

    in my experience from friends who have told me the same story i reserved my opinion but looking at their lives and looking at mine and comparing i think they were : A. watching too much porn B. masturbating too much LIT
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    best wrestler in the last 20 years

    i watch UFC but if you mean who is the most important wrestler ever ? Hulk Hogan made wrestling what it is
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    Break up with gf; I'm called a mysoginist, gay, woman hater - whole gamut

    here are some crazy ideas : tell her your dumped her to protect her as you were asked out by a model type chick and you didnt want to cheat so your dumped her because you think she is too sweet and innocent if you know any gang type chicks get her threatened if she continues then get them...
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    My GF cheated on me in LTR.

    Every time i come across the eternal question of do you give them a second chance i am reminded of two things the movie : SPEECHLESS starring michael keaton , geena davis and christopher reeves http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0111256/ geena davis is unsure about which man to be with...
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    18 yr old havin' sex with a 14 yr old??

    all social conditioning aside obey the laws of the land you do not want you life placed into the hands of the law jail is hell on this earth and you might not make it back and even if you do it changes you and for the record it is usually the mother that will try and have you...
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    What kind of DRUG is this guy on??

    in my professional street pimp opinion crystal meth Lost In Translation :D **AUSTRALIAN STREET PIMP** “Stay awake...because the name of the game is to put you to sleep , and the next part is to keep you asleep” – Chuck D