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Recent content by Josh Davidson

  1. J

    What the hell happend at astroworld?

    You're not crazy, the Illuminati is real! Anyone can message me to learn more about it.
  2. J

    WTF is going on with the world and this non-binary crap??

    The Illuminati is real! No joke! Anyone can message me who wants to learn more about it.
  3. J

    Which is a softer pillow?

    MyPillow or a gel pillow?
  4. J

    If you could afford to retire at age 33, would you?

    And if you are past 33, would you retire now if you could afford to?
  5. J

    Has anyone on here ever gone M G T O W? If so, how did you do it?

    I am asking because it would really help my career if I could focus on just my career for now, and totally avoid women for now.
  6. J

    My No PMO journal

    I failed today, but I will try again. In order to motivate myself to succeed I will start an entertainment fund and give myself $1 added to the fund each day that I am successful and subtract $1 each day that I am unsuccessful starting now at $0. Entertainment fund: $0
  7. J

    My No PMO journal

    Seriously, some adult stores still sell magazines and DVDs.
  8. J

    My No PMO journal

    These guys are not a serious problem to society, but their addictions are. Think of the lost productivity and time that is lost collectively in the United States from these bad habits! I will use this thread to journal my successes and failures.
  9. J


  10. J

    My No PMO journal

    PMO stands for p0rn, mastvrbation, and orga5m Today I visited an adult store and all the customers were men, and all of them were looking at the p0rn dvds and magazines. The vehicles in the parking lot were mostly junky vehicles yet these men were spending what little money they have on p0rn...
  11. J

    This thread is for married men to discuss on

    In response to my own question Ok. I'll give it at least a year.
  12. J

    This thread is for married men to discuss on

    I have not been with many women yet, but she seems the best so far. Should I tell her now that I don't want to have any children?
  13. J

    This thread is for married men to discuss on

    She is in her mid 20s
  14. J

    This thread is for married men to discuss on

    I am 33 and make roughly $48,000 (US) a year. I'd rather not mention what I do for a living since I find that personal. My pay is a salary and I work MANY hours a week for it. I like what I do for a living but work a lot. My potential wife wants to quit working once we marry, should I marry her...
  15. J

    This thread is for married men to discuss on

    Right now I live in a small town and don't meet many women of any value. This woman seems different. I think she could fit into my life plans and is congruent with them. I might ask her if it is a deal breaker if we got married but didn't have children, and if that doesn't work say that I would...