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Recent content by jnMissouri

  1. J

    Anyone ever pull a (current) stripper online?

    I did in my twenties, on POF. She was in her early twenties from what I recall. We just had chemistry, she liked my sarcastic sense of humor. We F'd at a hotel she got prior to our date as she was staying with some people having just moved here.
  2. J

    How many chicks have you slept with?

    Around 70ish based on the number of women I typically sleep with during periods of being single, I lost count around 40ish years ago and I have been in long term relationships most of my adult life, though I did have an affair here and there, it's much harder to pull off getting ass when you...
  3. J

    Are us old guys just fooling ourselves?

    I too have thought about this. I've lifted weights my entire life. I've lost much of my hair and my face is getting older and I'm only 40. I can't see myself really dating in my 50's. I just don't think it will be something I'm too interested in at that age, let alone 60+.
  4. J

    What are some passionate sex themes in romance novels?

    I'm talking stuff like, when she's out of the shower and wrapped in a towel, walking up to her and passionately kissing her then taking off the towel, you get the drift. What are some similar things?
  5. J

    New GF likes to text a lot

    All true, agreed on a drop of attraction over time, but that's normal in any relationship, even as a guy I lose some interest over time as I get familiar with them and have them... The sucky thing is this is a LDR for now until I relocate (was moving there anyways) something I neglected to put...
  6. J

    New GF likes to text a lot

    EXACTLY! If you text too little it's a problem, if you text too much it's a problem. I'm thinking she initiates 95%+ of the time so it's not an issue yet. I don't really initiate. I do disappear mid convo sometimes on purpose for 1-4 hours. I think a key is to not be predictable. Be random. But...
  7. J

    Moving in with new GF? How to broach the subject

    So here's the deal. Experience has taught me relationships don't last. I've even told her nothing lasts forever (which she didn't like). But this is a good way for me to relocate and get my own place later. It's a strategic move, not a long term life decision. I'm moving across the country, it...
  8. J

    Moving in with new GF? How to broach the subject

    I hear ya bro. The father is not an issue. If it came to the other stuff you mentioned, I'd get a hotel for a week, then an apartment until I can buy my own house (takes a month or so to close escrow). She has a couple young kids plus some teenagers.
  9. J

    Moving in with new GF? How to broach the subject

    So it came up in conversation, she INITIALLY said you could just buy a place here...I told her the interest rates are too high and I don't want to tie up that much cash paying for a place in full. She understood that. She then said she could just keep me under her bed and let me out to potty and...
  10. J

    How do I fix? My response to her friend during no contact was taken as a blow off

    I have actually been dating this chic that is more my type and successful AF, plus she comes from a veeeerrry successful family. We entered into a relationship this week (her idea, I was game to do it too though) and I've almost completely stopped caring about my ex. This new girl is way better...
  11. J

    Is sex overrated ?

    To an extent what this guy says in his first sentence is true. But I'll also say, some of the hottest women are lame in bed. Not all but some. My ex was super hot and phenomenal in bed. As good as the sex was, it was still overrated. What it really was about was bragging rights and validation...
  12. J

    New GF likes to text a lot

    Define too quickly, depending on the text or time of day I respond in 15-60 minutes. Initiating 1:3 texts sure, but if I ignore 2 out of 3 of her messages/respond to only 1/3 of hers I can tell you that's going to get noticed fast....As it stands I never initiate a text with her and never make...
  13. J

    Moving in with new GF? How to broach the subject

    I started dating a girl in a neighboring state recently. I had been preparing to move to this state, so as I was dating locally I thought about maybe finding someone where I want to move anyways. Well I did find a girl there, and we really hit it off. When I see her she doesn't want me to...
  14. J

    New GF likes to text a lot

    At first when we were dating neither one of us texted much. It wasn't until a couple weeks in that we started texting daily. Prior to that we'd both go 2-4 days without texting. That was when we were getting to know each other. In the weeks leading up to becoming a couple and now, we text...