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Recent content by BadWatermelon

  1. BadWatermelon

    No bra trend

    They do it to attract high-value men, but end up attracting AFCs.
  2. BadWatermelon

    How was your sex life in high school?

    I actually had some girls that were interested in me, but I was too stupid to know it because I was obsessed with my oneitis that didn't want me. One girl even wrote her phone number in my yearbook. *facepalm*
  3. BadWatermelon

    The number one red flag in a wingman (before you meet)

    These sound like traits that tend to skew toward younger guys. Maybe look for a wingman that's a little bit older?
  4. BadWatermelon

    Fear of Rejection? Understand what you are actually afraid of

    I've come to realize that often my approach anxiety doesn't come from the woman, it comes from everyone else. Will her boyfriend show up while I'm approaching her? Will the other waitress be mad that I didn't ask her out? Will one of the other girls see me strike out, and then I won't have a...
  5. BadWatermelon

    What books are mental toughness have you read lately that makes a difference

    The classic answer: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie Then take it up a level: 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene
  6. BadWatermelon

    The number one red flag in a wingman (before you meet)

    It's basically like going on a date, except with a different goal.
  7. BadWatermelon

    Trouble starting my own business.

    I see people on e-bikes everywhere at the beach (Southern California). If I was going to park one of those things at the beach, though, I'd be very concerned about it getting stolen. The weather is also good all year here, so that makes them more viable than, say, in Minnesota.
  8. BadWatermelon

    I want proof daygame cold approaching works

    Sometimes it makes people seem like robotic NPCs.
  9. BadWatermelon

    Cold Approach vs. OLD

    Lol, I thought you were from England. Looks, money, game. Game will probably do the most for you, though.
  10. BadWatermelon

    How is this forum still around?

    I started out on the TRP subreddit, but right before it got quarantined, the content really started going downhill and it got overrun with black pill content. (I think this is before black pill was a word.) This forum seems to be a smaller, more tight-knit bunch.
  11. BadWatermelon

    Cold Approach vs. OLD

    How do you approach this? I've found that alcohol helps me be more outgoing, but it's not always an option, and not a very healthy one.
  12. BadWatermelon

    Are children worth it? Do you regret having kids??

    Is that your profession (as your name implies)? If so I'd imagine you'd have seen a lot of female lawyers.
  13. BadWatermelon

    When a woman asks you what your job is even before you get familiar

    A lot of women seem to ask me what I do within the first five minutes of meeting me. I usually just tell them quickly and then change the subject. I still need to do some more experimenting to figure out how they respond exactly, but I work in tech and I've had a few respond by saying...
  14. BadWatermelon

    What does it mean a girl keeps making eye contact even after a simple glance

    The next time she looks at you, just make a funny face.
  15. BadWatermelon

    Poll: What do you consider yourself

    I chose beta even though I am RP aware because women seem to make rules for me, ghost me, flake on me, etc. I try to see myself as alpha, but the results just aren't there.