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WTF...Woman wins $5.2 million from Geico after getting STD from unprotected sex with boyfriend in his car


Master Don Juan
Jun 21, 2017
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I mean I don't know where to begin...it's HPV, which is the most common STD there is...so common that pretty much anyone who has ever had unprotected sex has been exposed to it in all likelihood.

On top of that...how the hell is a car insurer liable for this type of behavior?? Are they going to have to explicitly write in their policies they have no liability now for sexual acts occurring in their vehicles? This could open a floodgate of similar lawsuits and jack up insurance rates.

It's completely ridiculous. She should be suing her boyfriend if anything. But let's be real...this skank has probably been exposed to it 10+ times already previously.

I mean what's next? Home or renters insurance companies being sued because you got an STD while having sex in their house or apartment?

Hotels and motels being sued because you got an STD in their hotel or motel?

AirBnb being sued because you got an STD while staying in one of their places?

Airlines being sued because you got an STD while trying to join the Mile High Club??

This all started with the McDonalds coffee spill lady and the tabacco lawsuits
Many talking heads in that day warned about it and they were right.
Accountability right out the window.


Master Don Juan
Jan 25, 2021
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Just what we need, more lawsuits awarding women more money to waste.


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Sep 10, 2014
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Im pretty sure that woman got a couple mill. Maybe later? Not sure
Curiosity got the best of me...looked it up

She was awarded nearly $3 million by the jury, the judge reduced it by 80%, then to avoid years of appeals on both sides a confidential settlement was reached...nobody knows exactly how much but likely somewhere in the 500-750K range would made sense...


Master Don Juan
Dec 29, 2017
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Meanwhile I have a retaining wall collapse.... causing a mini mud slide.... with an estimated 65k in damage..... aaaasnd my only hope if suing my insurance company in court.... mother f’s