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Wow..f***ked up


Master Don Juan
May 31, 2019
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I couldn't have said it better.

To add my own spin, this is why I'm always preaching to hold them accountable and judge their behavior, and call them out on it. Forget about this "Don't appear butt hurt" nonsense. That attitude is the attitude that perpetuates their bratty, entitled and sneaky behavior.

Call them out! When you do, you're not displaying that you are weak and hurt. Rather, you are conveying that you have standards and you have absolutely no qualms about standing by your standards and rejecting women for not meeting them.

I wish this community would let go of this "Don't let her know she got to you" attitude. This is the very oil in the machine that continues to churn out women's outrageous and immoral behavior. You don't need to appear hurt. You need to calmly and in a detached way let her know that you will not have this in your life, so "Sayonara".

Be a man of standards and rules, and watch how women start to respect you and watch how they don't dare to pull this kind of crap.
Great and important post coming from experience.


Don Juan
Sep 6, 2017
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Not that it changes things much, but I'm thinking that may have been a text she thought was her girlfriend. She had done it once before late at night and when I let her know, she had also replied "Yikes". Before someone says it, the context was girl talk and it wasn't another guy. Maybe it was a branch swing situation and I was never supposed to see that. Oops. Nexted by her own hand.

Anyway, just to put things straight, I'm not emotionally invested, not the jealous type, can control myself and am capable of fairly solid text game.

As far as not having options, my plans cancelled. What would you do? Sit at home or see if you could line up some fun. I had cancelled on her the night before. Maybe this was retribution?

All that said, great info here. Thanks to all. Always learning