Work funk

Dec 29, 2017
Ok... so I am in mid management.. in charge of a large office. I am the head of my branch and my supervisor is essentially retired on duty. I am young for my position and my office is the most senior in the organization so at any moment I can lose them and with their union there isn’t much I can do. For the past year and a half my office has been exceeding expectations... beating much larger branches in production. I’ve had nothing but praise from upper management and the ceo.

Starting about two months ago it seems like I have a bullseye on my back. I’ve endured several counseling sessions for actions my subordinates have taken. One was for insubordination... my subordinate responded in a respectful manner to our legal department over a decision they made and tried to explain his position. I was immediately called to hq and instructed that I need to get control of this guy. I was perplexed and thought they were over reacting since there was nothing disrespectful about his response. I got a stern get control of your office.

So fast forward to this week and someone 5 steps below me gets fired. I have ensured everything was documented... progressive discipline... referrals for mental health.. remedial training, Anyway after he’s fired I am again in the CEO’s office with his commanders and getting berated about how I need to tighten the nuece at my branch and start holding people accountable. That this guy getting fired is a failure on my part. I was told your branch is now on our radar.

My branch is currently number 3 our of 20... the highest production ever. I feel like a complete failure and really don’t know what more I can do...., I am looking for some feedback ?


Master Don Juan
Jan 14, 2018
Somewhere where's it's none of your business
If u r exceeding ur KPI's then upper management will give you a free hand on how you manage ur branch.

But there are times when HQ might think otherwise, I've been summoned plenty of times over my subordinates supposedly "infractions".

Some even insists that I sack some of my guys.

And when summoned, I'll defend all of my people till the end - and then I'll counter those stucked up snobs with "if you think you can do better, please replace me and sit on my chair" - fvckers will be fuming but can't do much since I'm always ahead of my KPI's.

The higher up you go the more exposed u r to the power play within an organisation.

You must know how to wield power and use it.

*Important - defend ur people at all cost and afterwards, make sure you fvck those fvckers (in a good way) who's making ur life tough with HQ.

Ur staff will respect you and follow ur leadership.

Lose respect and you're lost the game buddy.


Master Don Juan
Oct 29, 2018
Seems like they want to bring you down a little, could this be some subtle power play to make you look bad?


Don Juan
Jan 14, 2019
You better keep those production values high, Op. Otherwise they will use that as an excuse to fire you.

While I do think it's honorable to defend a subordinate, defending a castle that can be attacked at any moment is a dangerous long term game. There are blaming you to get rid of that guilt. Pointing you is easier than admitting they fired someone that discussed orders.
Jun 9, 2006
The Dirty South
Here's some advice I got (or learned, I should say) from one of my managers many years ago when he was sort of in a similar position:

Me: "Jimmy, they are about to fire you, what are you gonna do?"

Jimmy: "I'm going to smile, and outlast those mother f*ckers."

He did it. One of the guys is dead, the other one is retiring. Jimmy still has tons of stock and more power than ever.

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