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Wife fu*ks Ventilation worker


Master Don Juan
Aug 31, 2018
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Hmm...i just dont like the idea of allowing another man in my house with wife/gf. Just dosent seem right to me.

Lots of good looking blue collar men about.

Was just reading a guy said he was working in a big posh house. Woman came on to him and he grew up in his trade hearing lots of times when his superiors banged married women, then their unsuspecting husbands came back and made the workman something to eat tea cringe
It happens

One of my friends is a gas-fitter. Fairly good looking dude. He's got a handful of stories about banging women he meets whilst doing his job.


Senior Don Juan
Dec 20, 2022
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Nope. I make sure I am always home if a contractor comes into my house. I will not allow another man in the house with my wife if I am not there. That is neglecting her safety.
Agree and also there is a chance that they will charge more or create fake necessities to pump the bill.

Anytime a friend of mine or elder has such problem I always try to be there with them to engage the repair guy.


Senior Don Juan
Oct 24, 2009
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I prefer my wife is the one to interact with the handy man/workers in our house. I avoid them.

When this occurs, we get charged less because my wife is pretty and has amazing social skills. She can talk to anyone and get their whole life story in under a minute.

Sometimes team work is letting your wife do what she does best.


Don Juan
Dec 31, 2019
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Australia Sydney
I am a gyobrock plasterer by trade so I'll give you a run down of most jobs... let's assume my quote is accepted to fix a water damaged ceiling caused by a crack in the roof.
Before I get to the job in the morning I have to go to the hardware and buy what I need just like alot of other tradies at that time load up and drive to clients by an agreed time..
Upon arrival I talk to thr answering alot of irrelevant questions about the job I then have to
* Unpack my tools and materials and ensure I have a safe work environment for myself and others
* Prepared the area with floor coverings
* Assessed and marked the section to be removed
* Cut and remove all damaged sheets
* Install the new piece and afix it to the ceiling
*Apply cement to the joints
* In between waiting for the plaster to cure. I'm cleaning the mess or having something to eat
* Or organising my next job
.*Remove any rubbish and return everything the way it was when I got there
* Pack my tools and await payment for my work.
I say a very small handful of tradies would do this. But the rest of us don't have time and don't want to risk loosing our pay or our reputations for sex

I suggest you look for tradies that are already retired in the community to work at your home.


Master Don Juan
Jan 27, 2008
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Hi Gedman,
We have lots in common.....Back in the Day I ran a small Gyprocking Gang on the side...
Eldest Son had gone off the tracks,got into Dope and a layed back lifestyle with a bunch of "No Hopers"
remembering that as a young child he had always seemed fascinated with smoothing his mashed potatoes, he quite took to the idea of taking up plastering,he joined my little outfit where I showed him the ropes, he graduated from chucking up the sheets to sanding,using the trowel,throwing up cornice....In one way it was the making of him,he took to it like a Duck to water,I gradually slid out of the business letting him take over...He expanded the outfit purchased a Trowelling machine...Upshot was, he coined a lot of brass,but being a smoker the dust and crap triggered Asthma...So I helped him buy a Truck and Bobcat and he lives happily up in Brisbane....Take care and wear a mask when sanding.
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Michael Chief

Senior Don Juan
Nov 18, 2004
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Yo what is up with all this insecurity? This is the mature man forum. Let's be mature DJs here. A mature DJ doesn't concern himself with every little possibility of his women cheating on him.

Ironically, the more you worry about that, the more likely it is to happen.