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Why are chicks flaking out on me?


Senior Don Juan
Apr 26, 2000
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New york, New York
Originally posted by R3N3GAD3


How about shooting a three pointer, missing, but getting the rebound? Or, practicing your game so well that every three pointer you make, you score.
In the game, anything can happen.

There are times when you could take a three pointer (cold approach) and miss the first attempt but maybe get a rebound (second opportunity) and score the second time.

I have seen things like this happen.

As far as getting so good that you never miss a 3-pointer, the best shooters in the NBA will only make 40-50% of their attempts, the best hitters in baseball hit in the .330 to .400 range, and the best passers in football don't complete 100% of their passes for a season (maybe for a game).

The point is that we are human and therefore imperfect so why should we expect to score 100% of the time.

No one does no matter how good they get.

There will be times when you will be perfect but never all of the time.

I've had nights where it seemed like I couldn't lose with the ladies and then went out the next weekend and couldn't get sh*t.

Did I change within a week?

No, the game is random so sometimes you hit peaks, sometimes valleys, and most of the time you land somewhere in between.


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