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When your favorite girl loves attention on instagram


Master Don Juan
Aug 1, 2013
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You don't tell her anything, because doing so is equivalent to trying to change her lifestyle, and you simply are not able to change people's lifestyle.

You have only two options in this kind of scenario:

1. You try to force your will on her, and this only pushes her away from you.

2. You let her be.

In my opinion, all the "going forward into exclusive relationship" talk you've been telling yourself is a very feminine behavior, and by doing so you only pedestalize this girl a.k.a making her "The One".

You should focus your time in dating & banging other women instead.
This is one easy... Don't make this one LTR

Choose a 6-7 and live an easier life

Or choose a 9-10 baddie gym bunny, and keep posting on SS


Master Don Juan
Aug 17, 2017
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I find it’s the girls not searching for validation on Instagram that seek it on the CC more vigorously. I’d have no problem with my girl having 10k thirsty followers, I love that uncomfortable constantly battling zone when she’s high smv

Giovanni SouthSide

New Member
Aug 5, 2022
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I got a 0 tolerance policy for these social media junkies. The hve gets quickly demoted to plate/fbuddy status. Her potential LTR position has been revoked unless the stars align and she does a 180 change for you which I wouldn't hold a candle to. Once they get addicted to the attention it's like crack to them. More potent than the crack you give her.

The last plate who I gave the boot a couple weeks ago sent me a picture of her through imessage text when she was at work one time. For a quick second I thought it was personally only for my eyes. Nah homie, the female posted the same exact picture on her instagram story.
I didnt even acknowledge the picture at that point and just ignored the text.

Point is it don't matter how good she treats me or the whatever high interest she demonstrates.
Your attention will soon not be enough and she will move on to the next. That is why it's crucial to run a make on them thru their online sh*t to discard her as any potential LTR type and thread lightly.
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