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Nov 7, 2018
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I tend to lean towards agreeing with this mostly, except going to failure with the exception of deadlifting. The key is in minimal volume, a bit higher frequency, but spread out further than a normal 7 day week. It works extremely well for genetically explosive lifters, older lifters, larger lifters and those that just downright enjoy that style of training. Throw in exaggerated eccentrics and injury is almost non existent. Amraps have been around, created by a military doc and studied since the first world war if I'm not mistaken. The world's most popular strength program uses amraps as the basic template, Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 and provides probably more anecdotal evidence of thousands of users, than just about any other program I've seen. You are right about the relationship in regards to strength and hypertrophy, but it is not a one way street. A bigger muscle has the potential of being a stronger muscle and vice versa. This is where periodization comes to light. One can't train the same methods year round and expect growth. Training to metabolic/technical failure can indeed fvck you up, but there's little else that rivals the method in both hypertrophy AND strength gains. All it takes is a little common sense in approach. One is going to have to employ the maximal effort method at some point, lest he plateaus or worse, regress. Amraps are one way for those that are volume sensitive as I mentioned above. Lifting at intensities above 85% is the other. Both methods can be dangerous or they can be safe, given one is knowledgeable in approach.