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"We all have two lives, the second begins when we realize we only have one."


Senior Don Juan
Jul 15, 2014
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Just saw this quote today, damn it really blew my mind.

This brings me back to an old post I read from SenorFingers, he talked about feeling the Fire of Time, and man it is burning - it never stops. On this short span of time we have on Earth, why would you want to hold yourself back, really? Life is so ephemeral, the moments are fleeting.

Is approaching that hottie in the bookstore really that scary? What have you got to lose? With only a limited time alive, every woman, every person you run into is a chance meeting that is absolutely incredible. I mean, what are the probabilities that you and that HB9 are both in the mystery fiction section in Barnes and Nobles in New york, etc., AT THE SAME TIME? Crazy, huh. Approach her. In general, you should be more afraid of NOT DOING than DOING.

Stop letting regrets about the past hold you back; change what you can, and move forward with the knowledge of how to be better. Live in the present, working towards your goals and ambitions with stoic effort, and there is nothing that can truly disturb your happiness, for you have peace with yourself.

With my parents getting older, I've been feeling the passage of time now. While at college, I lived totally absorbed in myself and didn't really feel the fire of time, but I've noticed it now!

Don't hold yourself back, and put things off ("oh I'll talk to the next girl" ad infinitum); seize your opportunities, enjoy the moments, and that is where you will see improvement and find happiness in progress.


Don Juan
May 24, 2015
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Just wanted to bump this so everyone can take a minute to read it. When I first saw something like this a few months ago I changed completely. -*Cute girl walks by* I start a conversation. *People I barely know want to go out* I seize that moment. Don't worry about the turnouts. Just hope for the best and go in, worst case scenario you get a little temporary hurt, better than a lifetime of regret.