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Vasectomies for young men?


Master Don Juan
Nov 2, 2016
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Just a thought...

As I hear more and more about the male birth control pill, I really wonder about the long term effects. Basically, it drops testosterone levels to where sperm is no longer produced.

What about just getting vasectomies at 18? It is damn near 100% effective. There is no biological impact to testosterone or any other hormones.

When a man is ready to have a baby, he can get it reversed, which is about 75% effective or get IVF. For those that do either of those options, it is something that cost money. No man is going to use resources until he knows he is ready for children. People that cant afford children wont be having kids if they cant afford the procedures, thereby allowing them to build their wealth and provide a good home for their future families.

And if it did become popular, I guarantee medicine would find ways to increase the effectiveness of the reversal procedure.

From what I hear, there are already lots of men doing this at a young age.



Master Don Juan
Apr 30, 2006
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With my lack of sexual prowess, it seems the only way I will reproduce is my "accident", so I'm not cutting anything.