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Tips on quitting smoking.


Don Juan
Dec 23, 2021
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Hey man. I smoked for about 2 years, 10 cigarettes a day or so. I quit, haven't smoked for about 12 years. Had a cigarette in my mouth with a girl some months ago, didn't inhale.

What was significant for me I think was a journal. I wrote the date, and then "Didn't smoke." It became a competition for me, to be able to write that line every evening before sleep. After a while it got boring, it was pointless, I got it.

I think it can be good to look at the psychology with smoking, and for oneself. For those addicted, it likely can be a defence mechanism. In your case, against what? Why did you smoke? What/when caused you to smoke? For me it was probably some kind of nervousness.

Also, feeling good because of smoking is a bit meh. It's like paying for sex or cheating on an exam or so. Not a win. Or feeling good because of being drunk. Well, I do drink (though these days I don't feel like feeling).

Regarding @Pan87's comment: A smoke once in a while is not that bad in my opinion. It's just typically darn hard to keep it at that level -- the next day you wake up with that pack of smoke in the pocket and on it goes. I just have a zero-policy because it's easy and requires the least energy -- at the cost of, indeed, looking cool with that smoke or whatever. I agree it's a bit cringe to be some conformist, health freak moma-boy, but being some worn-out "rocker" is also. I was a young lost boy at a tango place in a city once, and one of the seniors grabbed a smoke with me. He used to smoke, got anxiety from it nowadays. But did it in order to bond with this lad, I think. Now that's a good reason to grab a smoke.

Maybe his method can be discussed.

I used to run to/workout when I quit, mostly do strength these days. Guess all distractions and replacements are good in principle.
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Senior Don Juan
Jun 27, 2022
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I smoked for years since 17. In 2013 I switched to vaping. I started off at 12mg, then cut it down to 9mg and eventually down to 0mg. At that point it was more of a mental habit and quit (though I was on 0mg for a year)

And if you vape, please use unflavored juice


Master Don Juan
Aug 17, 2017
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I've smoked for 18 years, not heavy, 2-3 handmade roll-ups a day, probably equal to 1-2 cigarettes per day, I enjoy it.


Sep 10, 2014
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My Aunt quit smoking cold turkey after her Dad died of Emphysema. It can be done, depends how motivated you are to quit and how you deal with the cravings.


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Master Don Juan
Mar 6, 2012
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I smoked a pack and a half a day at least 16 years or more. I tried all the other ways and nothing worked. So I finally tried a prescription for Chantix and it somehow worked for me. Been cigarette free for over 2 years now. Now later on down the road I heard theres been some recalls on Chantix so maybe something to think about. At first I still had the habit a reaching for one, sometimes had some urges or missed it. But Im saving money, smell better, taste better, healthier. Dont have to get up or stop in the middle of a movie to have a smoke, lots of advantages!!