The known "bitter taste" and the conscious Man


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Aug 25, 2019
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A large hello to you all,

First post ever here, but I have been reading threads here and there for a year now. A year then, that I have been eyed-opened. Friend of mine handed me the often quoted on this forum "The Rationale Male" by R. Tomassi. English not being my native language, I had to go through the book more than once to fully embrace its value.

To fully deliver my previous situation and my "breakthrough" moment, here is an opener : long relationship on and off, with that type of toxic woman. Knowing her since teenagehood, I allowed her to direspect me at the highest point (read cheating, lying and the like). I am now able to recognize it with a tamed ego.

It's been then one year that I struggle with being a new so-called Red Piller. Not that I reject the truth, since it is a verified truth (involving variations of the theory in real world). Thing is, I have been documenting myself quite a lot about the interpersonal dynamics, even testing things out there, modified subtle changes in my personality, but still, I have been doing more or less what's adviced not to do.
An ex-girlfriend (other than the one I mentioned above) reached out last year, and we turned out to be dating for 6 new months until last July. What was different from when we used to date was my relentless honesty about the fact that I didn't want to get engaged in any sort of relationship. It's been sold after she tried hard to get me IN the relationship and got tired of it, found a new guy, monkey-branched. Well, legit when you fight for someone who expressedly does not want to put any efforts in a relationship.

But since then, I'm facing a dry-spell coupled with a mental need to get some flesh's sin.

My shout out here is about a cleavage I'm experiencing : I am well too conscious about the things I shall do, get myself involved in new social circles, assert a strong masculine frame, all in all, be in that Game thing. It is actually something I want to achieve. Who's fool enough to refuse experiencing more p.ussy hey ?
However, here I stand, continuously procrastinating, repealing life's hard tasks away, smoking around, being lazy, and not getting what I really want (understand here "chicks").

To situate you a little about me, I'd say I am surely not a model but physically acceptable, short guy but far from the dwarf category, I am rock climbing often so I keep myself fit somehow, I have strong hobbies, and last but not least, a good job in hospitality.

I know and understand it too well that it's all about a long process, that I am sort of lucky to get a foot in this community being 24, but I decided today to reach out to this community. Perhaps am I waiting for words since I consider them to have a real power. Althought, like said before, the struggle is the following : how to align your oblivious, impulsive actions (being, "not" acting) with your conscious knowledge ? Any of you ever got to experience such a situation ? How important is my maneuver margin here ?

Hopefully you'll all get to understand the purpose of this thread.
Thanks for reading those who've done so.

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May 7, 2019
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Good question. The conscious mind, you, thinks just because you’ve read good information that it will change you. You’ve found out that it’s not true. You would be correct.
The subconscious mind can compute a millions times faster than your conscious mind. It’s automation. See situation...boom institute action based on the situation or environment.

This is why someone can read a hundred self help books and still end up with the same dismal outcomes. Learning is the conscious mind. It’s also why psycho therapy doesn’t work. Searching and finding all those recording incidents does absolutely nothing to remove them. In fact it reinforces them to make them even stronger. It sucks them up to present time. The subconscious thinks every second of your life is present time. Even when the incidents took place 20, 30, 40, 60, 80 years ago. It doesn’t recognize time.

Buddhists are probably the best at rewriting or making inert, those survival subconscious recordings. Those thoughts that keep coming up. They are not good for you. Learning to recognize a recording from your subconscious is a skill that anyone can learn. First you have to recognize them.
Examples: “that girl would not want me”, “I am not good enough”, if I wrote a book, people wouldn’t like it and probably might laugh at me”,
“That business I want to do won’t work. My friends said so and my mother too”,
“I’m a looser. That girl rejected me”,

All these thoughts will ensure failure if they are not recognized and consciously replaced by your self determined conscious mind every single day. When they are going on, you send out the wrong vibe. It wrecks your life or at the very least, keeps you stuck in place.

Call your thoughts out. Call bull$hit on them. Over time they fade and the real you pops out. This is zen. No minds. Just one mind. Your conscious mind.