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The amount of slaying a well put together Asian or Indian guy can do is insane these days.

May 26, 2013
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It used to be unheard of like 5 years ago but something happened. I used to think maybe it was racial biases from women but the truth is most Asian and Indian men are pretty ugly. I am talking super skinny or super fat, not that well put together and don't really care for their looks. No doubt that most Asian and Indian men will struggle because most Asian and Indian men do not care for game, they just don't. Bad BO, shorter than average, not a care for their looks, awkward around women and not really into that game and nightlife lifestyle. I am talking about the few Asian and Indian men who have gone on that journey of trying to look good, fit in and be attractive to women.

I never knew so many women, especially white women, were open to going for Indian and especially Asian men. It is different but more socially acceptable as wrong as that sounds.

Almost every tall and decent looking Asian guy I have met has had white women want to get with him. I have seen all types, even the sorority girl types, go for Asian and Indian dudes who were more whitewashed. It is crazy how big the dating pool is with the demographics, so many women become genuinely curious once they see a guy who isn't the stereotype.

Here are some groups of women I know that absolutely adore Asian and Indian men:

Slavic women
Jewish women
Latin women
Scandinavian/Northern European descent white women
Upper middle class white girls from more conservative parts of the US

Don't get me wrong here, you might get certain white girls who grew up in the ghetto heavy cultures that are trashy, they might not be so open to Asian and Indian men. You might even get certain women who are genuinely still stuck 20 years behind the times and buy into outdated stereotypes.

The worst offenders are whitewashed Asian and Indian girls that tend to be self-hating but even then.....

But stuff is changing for real in a huge huge way.

Every time I have been to a young trendy well off area of a city and spent the night out there, I have seen Asian and Indian men making out with hot girls and showing up with some HBBs.


Master Don Juan
Oct 18, 2015
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Race isn't that important in Western cultures. In many cases, it can only help you.

Moral of the story - focus on being the best man out there. A dominant, fit, well put together man of any race can clean up.