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The #1 key factor to success with women


Senior Don Juan
Apr 27, 2000
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Tyler, TX, USA
The #1 key factor to success with women is *drumrole* yep you guessed it CONFIDENCE no matter what happens(even in the worst of times). I'm talking about having the confidence to smile and graciously walk away after being rejected when most guys would be embarrased and run away with their tails tucked between their legs. The kind of confidence that you believe that you are the man and you will be happy no matter what happens and you will never let someone elses reaction to you affect this. That you will get through any situation with success, somehow you will find a way to become victorious. If you can do this you will go a long way with women and in life as your success in all things are based on confidence.

Live life to its fullest!

guitar player

Don Juan
Apr 26, 2000
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here's my three T's:
True True True


take control of your life, live it.

"Risks must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing" -unknown


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Don Juan
May 16, 2000
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hey bud this is some good advice and what makes it so true is that it is so true.. gentemen you wont get anywhere without the confidence to do somethin with a girl or even aproach them.. so stop bein such puss's and get ur ass off the damn comp and go get them..
later and best luck