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Suggestion: dealing with rejection


Don Juan
Apr 23, 2019
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I made the most dumb decision. Despite my experience stating that genuine desire cannot be negotiated, today I ended up texted this girl who was showing little to no interest in me. Before you guys just get frustrated here, just hear me out.
A little background: i have been talking to this girl who was initially interested and eventually lost her interest (common story). I eventually stopped texting and she never bothered to call or text to inquire. I used to text her everyday and not even once did she bother to do it. Anyways i had accepted that the juice isnt worth the squeeze and decided to move on but i couldnt. I still constantly kept thinking about getting her and our talks and today i ended up texting her based on my reasoning that i have nothing to lose if i text and that i should need to know if she is even interested or not. Obviously it wasnt of any use. She simply just manipulated the answer and it made me frustrated even more.
My question is how do you guys deal with the rejection when you have invested so much more, especially how do you deal with your ego? I mean for me the reason i ended up texting was that i couldnt bear the thought of her not choosing me (i know its all about the ego, in my head i feel that i posses every potential quality that female could desire. How could she not chose me.) These thoughts just constantly make me frustrtated.
How do i control these thoughts and my ego?


Senior Don Juan
Oct 3, 2020
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You need to learn this important thing: What you think is a girl's "interest" in you, isn't a good gauge of her levels of interest in you. It's clear you were more interested in this girl than she was in you, but i think your scarcity in your life caused you to think there was more.. and caused you to really invest alot of thought and emotion into this girl who probably didn't match more than 5% of that same desire, if any at all.

Sorry man, the reality hurts but .. when you're in a scarcity mindset, it usually makes sense.. The guys who usually get lots of girls attention are the ones who girls are interest in.. If you look at your phone and u have 0 girls you talk to or fu,ck, safe to say, the one u think is interested probably isnt that interested either. Common sense kinda thing..

The biggest ill of men who want women in their lives.. are the men who don't have much goign on in lives, bad social lives, no passions or hobbies.. so they sit and think about women alot, if not all day.. not knowing they dont have much of a personality or any substance to their life to be able to attract women instead of try to "gain" a womens attraction by doing things that they read online about or read books about


Don Juan
Nov 29, 2019
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Hmmm, I don’t really think it’s an question about controlling your thoughts or ego. I think it’s a matter of if you have high self esteem or not.

In the last paragraph you said it yourself...

“i know its all about the ego, in my head i feel that i posses every potential quality that female could desire. How could she not chose me”

A man with high self esteem that does possess those qualities wouldn’t entertain the woman you just described.

If you do in fact possess those qualities, find another woman(or women) that would reciprocate the same effort that you put in.

If you do not possess those qualities, I suggest you take a break from women and dating in general and work on your self esteem.