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Soceity going back to normal.


Master Don Juan
Jun 14, 2014
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Right behind you
So that imply that he would be Jewish or had been born in Israel.
The antichrist is of Jewish descent. Many Jews will follow him because of it. They’ll consider him to be the aforementioned Messiah (even though it was actually Jesus). They won’t know that he’s actually the antichrist though. Or if they do, they won’t care.


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Senior Don Juan
Oct 7, 2013
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I don't personally think life will ever be the same. There is going to be permanent damage from this situation whether it be financial, mental, security, fear. Once the survival switch in the brain turns on, for some, it will be permanent fear. Some people are not going to want to risk being around others, will wear masks months after this is over, some will rarely leave their home anymore, some will develop ocd with cleaning, have fear of eating out, fear of hanging out with friends, some will lose their homes, their business, their retirement, their savings, their spouse, your favorite restaurant will close, mass bankruptcies.

This isn't like 9/11, this is a world wide event that has spread FEAR to levels we have never seen in our lifetime. My neighbor washes his cars in his driveway with mask & gloves on when there isn't a human in sight or can even get within 20 feet of his driveway. You can feel his fear just looking at him. When him and his family leave their home, all of them are wearing masks & gloves. Then you have you the herd of sheeple who wear masks & gloves while driving. When I go on walks, people are constantly crossing the street as they approach. You can feel the fear in the air no matter where you go.

There has been a lot of suicides which I knew would happen. You don't see the media talking about it. There was a video of people jumping off their balconies to their death. People on social media saying their neighbor hung himself cause he lost their job. People with mental disorders who aren't getting the attention they need to survive end up offing themselves. Some people are not blessed to have a home. Instead they live in tiny 500sqft apartments with a tiny balcony or no balcony. This tests ones emotional state similar to being in solitary confinement. Which from a psychological stand point can make or break someone mentally to the point of losing their minds. They snap, end up committing crimes and or killing themselves. I've seen videos of people in China who weren't staying in their apartment, so they nailed wooden boards to the front of their door so they can't leave. Some cites even have drones that are enforcing social distancing.

My own friends are afraid to ride in the same car. Getting my medication at my doctors office their is a nurse all masked & gloved up at the front door who wont allow you to go in before asking numerous questions about symptoms or being in contact with someone with the virus ect. This chit is so blown out of propitiation it's ridiculous.

The Vaccine & microchip agenda is complete nonsense. No one needs it, its just another scam by elites to make billions. The death numbers are highly manipulated to create fear. Hospitals make on average of $13k if the patient is listed as having the virus and $35k if they're on a ventilator. States like NY's death count is so high. That way they lower their billions in deficit and create more fear. In NY they are not even treating some patients who have it, they let them die to collect that $$. Dr's across the country are showing letters stating if a patient tests positive for the virus but dies of another condition it must be listed as covid being the COD. I've even seen people who said their friend or family member died of a fentanyl OD but the hospital listed the COD being from the virus. I can go one and on about whats really going on but the corruption that's going on beyond the scenes is absolutely disgusting.

There is a hidden agenda behind all this that will slowly come to the surface. These Elites create the problem. then come in like their the savior with the solution to profit, which in this case will be the vaccine & microchip. It's a constant PLANNEDEMIC to slowly strip away our freedom,create new bull chit laws and make billions. Same chit another day like 9/11, Oklahoma city bombing, Sandy hook, Vegas shooting, this virus. The Rockefellers, Rothschild, Bill Gates, Fauci, Soros and all the other filthy rich evil scum are all in this. If you're awake and know whats really going it is a Matrix we're living in. If you do your own research you'd be disgusted by the amount of fake news. Then you have all these big media companies censoring the truth, banning members who speaking the truth. Just flat out controlling the flow of information to manipulate the sheep to believe their narrative.
I agree to a point just depend on what normal is millenials have been screwed ever since the great reccesion with student loans alone


Master Don Juan
Oct 23, 2007
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Don't know about you guys, but I'll be investing in some weights ASAP for the second wave


Master Don Juan
Mar 12, 2017
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Los Angeles
Fantastic news: retailers are now open. Get out there and buy your dumbells, kettlebels, barbells and plates now....avoid those price gougers online...

.....round 2 of Bullsh!t19 will probably come in Sept so get your stuff now.
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