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So LTR is on the cards...however I'd be the girls first...


Senior Don Juan
Apr 9, 2013
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LTR is on the cards with a good friend of mine, we get on well, she's fun and I like her. I'm torn between dating her and taking it further however, mainly because of my own insecurities and a few other things.

I'd be this girls first bf, I'd take her V plates etc. and it's a whole lotta pressure I'm not use to dealing with which makes me hesitate...plus she's incredibly naive in regards to relationships (never had one etc.) and sex of which she has no experience in.

Second to that is the fact I've been a ONS/FWB guy since my last serious relationship a few years ago and god knows if I even remember what to do in a relationship haha.

Final point is that it would become a Long distance shindig (3 hours) from middle of the year onwards.

All that said however I think it could be some great fun if it were to go ahead.

Break it down for me guys ;)


Master Don Juan
Jul 2, 2014
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Miami, Florida
You know the answer. You've made a decision already, what do you want a few guys who know nothing about you and your relationship to decide for you?
Do what your gut tells you and never look back

Poon King

Nov 30, 2014
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Remove the pedestal first of all.

Second.. there is not a woman on earth over age 12 who is naive about relationships unless she is mentally retarded or has some other brain damage. Women eat relationships for breakfast. They breath, sleep and think relationships 24/7. The only naive one here is you. :crackup:

And this illusion of the innocent/naive female is how most men get manipulated into being beta b!tches and white knights.

Snap out of it. You are in blue pill delusion. It doesn't matter if she is a virgin. She knows more about men, pen!ses and sex than you do. Women FAKE innocence to seduce men. This is how they get a man to commit and put her needs before his own. This belief that she is dumb and weak. WRONG.

Only once you become a real plate spinner and f*ck women from all walks of life will you start to realize how full of sh!t they are. I've seen so many women bullsh!t their boyfriends and husbands.. acting dumb and weak while they get dirty with me in secret.

All that matters in this situation (and all situations with women) is what YOU want.