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RB Sparkman - The art of manipulation


Senior Don Juan
Aug 21, 2022
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A friend of mine recently has been having some trouble getting his clients to pay him, so I remembered some lessons learned from this book. Its a book from the 70s which is out of print, but you can buy overpriced used copies on amazon or search around for an ebook online.

This book teaches you the essential "I don't need you, you need me mentality" that brings you power in your interpersonal relationships. I was afraid of sharing it with some of my freinds, because I ebelived it to be too dangerous information!

I would consider it essential reading - this book is probably the MOST SEVERELY underrated in the manosphere...

Here is a review from the amazon listing:
I bought this book on a whim some years ago from ebay. It was like a guide book for all the stuff I wanted to know about that no one would tell me. Seriously, If I ever have kids someday it will be required reading for them. Sparkman basically does a good job of explaining street smarts.

This is a book, that if you give it a fair chance, AN HONEST CHANCE ! it will change your life. I started getting my way a little more often after I read it and employed some of his tactics so I am a happier person now.

and I have used it to get jobs so its paid for itself thousands of times over.

Ordinarily if a book cost a 150 $ I would say get a different book. But in the case of the art of manipulation its worth at least as much as an education at a community college.....