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Quitting Drinking: Bodybuilding


Master Don Juan
Nov 27, 2017
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Long story short, I’m gonna need to become a bodybuilder if I want to get the respect I deserve.

Those who lift, do you drink? I’m seriously considering quitting so that I can take my gainz more seriously. Or even just having one drink and then stopping when I’m out with friends. And if I have to drink, use cardio to burn it off the next day.

I feel like this would help out my bodybuilding a ton. Do any of you who lift drink?


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Master Don Juan
Jan 5, 2008
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Colorado Panhandle
I'm not a bodybuilder - I do lift though. Regardless, I think cutting back on drinking is a wise choice.

A couple of years ago I went 2 months without a drink and I dropped weight, maybe 10-12 lbs. It helped me refocus and I felt sharp and awake. I eventually did start drinking again, but here was how my behavior changed:

- Almost no beer anymore where I used to drink beer frequently. I'll have one if I'm at a bar whose wine I don't trust, like an Irish pub. Go with the flow. But otherwise, beer just doesn't like me that much. Lots of carbs and gas.
- Very few ****tails either. I used to make old fashion'ds a lot. Delicious It's like drinking a spoonful of sugar. ****tails can be expensive too.
- I stick to wine. It's not "healthy" but it's better than the other options and just what I prefer. I live in Europe now and it's much cheaper where I am. It's a better buzz for me (not as sloppy) and hard to overdo. I hate hangovers so this is the best way for me to avoid them.

If you're out with friends, yeah, pace yourself and watch how stupid everyone acts. Order a cheap vodka ****tail with ice so you can milk it for an hour or so. Or enjoy a glass of wine.

And I'm sure it will improve your workouts. I don't think you need to schedule around it, don't overthink it, just enjoy in moderation. Life should be fun so if you like to have a drink or two, do it...but check yourself after that second one. If you've got a big day tomorrow, cut yourself off early.


Master Don Juan
Oct 18, 2015
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Don't be a body builder.

As for healthy lifestyle (aka bros that lift), drinking is perfectly fine in moderation. It actually can have some positive effects. Don't have more than 2 per day. If you save it for social occasions, or like to indulge in a glass of wine or beer with dinner it is fine.

If you like ****tails, order them on the rocks or with diet soda.