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Quickest Meeting to Lay Story


Don Juan
Feb 17, 2021
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A few years ago I just moved to a new town, was spending the weekend moving into my place and walked downtown to a pizza place for a lunch break. Sat at the bar, started talking to this chick that was by herself and by the time I was finished she came back to my place with me. Banged her all over my new place in the middle of the afternoon with stuff still in boxes and the mattress on the floor. Got her number to be polite but never saw her again. About 1 hour from sitting down to eat to back at my place.

A friend of mine met a chick he sat next to on a place. Probably a 3 hour flight. When they landed he got her to come to his car and bang.

What’s your guys quickest?


Senior Don Juan
Dec 28, 2018
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Back in 2008, one day my neighbour was expecting the arrival of her cousin from out of town, but as a nurse she was working the night shift that day and wouldnt be able to pick her up from the train station. She asked me to do her a favour and pick her cousin up from the station and bring her to her house. As she left for work, she handed me her house keys and advised me of the cousin’s arrival time, and also gave me her phone number so we could communicate upon her arrival.

I drove down to the station and picked her up when her train arrived just after 8pm. Driving home we exchanged basic pleasantries as any strangers in this situation would. We got to the house, i opened the front door and carried her bags inside. She offered to make me a coffee as a way of thanking me, and I sat down and made myself comfortable. We chatted for about 10mins over coffee. I got up to leave and hugged her goodbye. When I broke free from the hug she kept her arms in place around me, so i had to re-hug her. That was a powerful signal of interest and i moved in for a kiss. She obliged and hungrily kissed me back. I fondled her breasts and squeezed her butt, all while kissing deeply. I proceeded to nail her good on the sofa.

From meeting to sex in under 1hour.

She ended up following me to my place next door and we fvcked some more in my bed.We fell asleep afterwards and were woken by my neighbour ringing my phone when she got home from work in the morning and nobody was answering her doorbell. I sheepishly told her that her cousin was with me and she’d be coming out shortly. I stayed in bed as she hurriedly dressed to leave my house to meet her cousin waiting outside.


Master Don Juan
Mar 27, 2016
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I used to drive into university every day. I spent all my student loan money on car mods, and on this occasion my car was being lowered with stiffer springs, so I was taking the train.

Whilst leaving the university through the town side gate I came across two hot girls looking over their shoulders and acting fidgety. Another girl, a bit chubby but pretty enough, followed a good while behind and looking dejected. I chuckled at the first girls "you're running from your friend, you need a knight in shining armour" and they laughed "yes! Save us!"

I walked past them towards their friend. As I got nearer she asked "what are they saying about me..." and before she could finish I said "awwwww!" and embraced her in a massive hug. She was instantly exctatic. "Oh my god I've never hugged a stranger!" she squealed. I took her hand and introduced myself, telling her I was glad that chance had placed us together, because now I wouldn't have to take the packed train home during rush hour and could get to know her instead. I suggested we go get a drink at the student bar, but she said she didn't drink (neither do I tbh) and that we could talk in her rented student bedroom across the campus.

I sat us down on her bed together and gave her the "I can tell a lot about you, but I do have a burning curiousity; which way do you turn your head?" standard phrase I use. She didn't answer and I said "let's see now..." and moved in and kissed her aggressively. We didn't have sex right away, it took us another half hour of heavy kissing and fondling first, but after having sex a couple times she played coy, saying she'd never given a foot job and never had a guy finish on her face. I scooped my seed into her mouth and she swallowed nearly the whole lot. Of course I didn't believe that she was some saint like she said she was, lmao. Afterwards walking towards the train station in the dark I started having second thoughts because she wasn't my preferred slim type. We banged one more time at the weekend and then ghosted each other.

I did bang a girl faster than that, one I'd met ten minutes beforehand, after the student rave was over, but she was drunk so it doesn't really count in my view.


Senior Don Juan
Sep 3, 2020
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Central Europe
A girl from OLD ...... did about 20 messages (no sexual content) back and forth and invited her to my place sunday afternoon for coffee.

She arrived, we did the cheek-kissing-thing, showed her around a bit, told her to get comfortable on the couch while i prepared coffee.
She had placed herself on the middle of the couch, which is allways a good sign in contrast to the ones that crawl into the last corner clutching a pillow in front of them.

I served the coffee and placed myself offensive next to her with light contact on upper arms. She didnt withdraw, so i knew the game was on. Small-talked about 15 minutes back and forth and got even closer when reaching for my coffee cup which she went along with. At that point i made obvious deep eye contact, she went silent and i moved in for the kiss. We made out and ended up fvcking twice on the couch.

Took about 45 minutes from arrival to sex.

Invited her the next saturday for an overnight stay/second date and we banged 3 times. Before leaving on Sunday, she gave me a picture frame with her on it (!!!) ..... and so i had to eject a few days later.
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Master Don Juan
Dec 10, 2020
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Met a girl on OLD. Normally I would invite on a first date to a local spot, but this particular Sunday I was extra thirsty and wanted to bang. I straight up just told this girl (Puerto Rican chick), to come over to my place and bring tequila. She obliged and was there in like 2 hours. We talked for maybe 30 minutes then proceeded to fuuck 4 times that day.

Why can't they all be that easy? hahahah.


Master Don Juan
Apr 5, 2021
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I've had several OLD meet ups where they came straight over. (And no I didn't pay them). Hard to get any quicker than that.

Besides OLD, I had a really drunk hookup at an after party one time.