Question on nice shirts


Master Don Juan
Apr 21, 2018
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Some may know I've been working on a body transformation. I've now lost around 45 LBS in the last year by cutting breads and sugar. Ironically, your appetite also decreases when you no longer have the urges for sugar and breads. Naturally, my XL shirts no longer fit, so I've been slowly buying M sized slim or extra slim fit shirts and tucking them in. Some of my friends thinks I look too thin when they are tucked in, but I do not see it that way. It is true, my arms have gotten a bit smaller since the reduction of fat, and I am working on getting bigger muscular arms, but I did lose 45 LBS, so my body took the fat from all over it seems. Keep in mind, my friends do not care what they look like and are a bit over weight. I've never been able to wear slim fit shirts before this year because I was slightly overweight and my stomach and had slight chest fat (BMI 26.7). I no longer have this issue (BMI 22.3). Should I stop tucking in my non-dress shirts? I do not tuck in t-shirts or sweaters, just my henley shirts as I like the way I look. GQ says you can do either, RMRS, says no. I was never into much style, but I guess this is what's needed to obtain attractive ladies these days.