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Plate cancelled plans last minute but asks to postpone them for following day

Divorced w 3

Master Don Juan
Nov 20, 2022
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Good thread, if not unfortunate to read. Wish you the best.


Don Juan
Aug 22, 2022
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So I’ve been seeing this one girl since august of last year. She recently went on a 2 month vacation for the holidays since November and we saw each other again for the first time in 2 months last Friday. Since Friday, we’ve been seeing each other every day. Went out Friday night, Saturday night she came over and slept over, Monday dinner, Tuesday went out dancing and slept over. We’ve been super into each other, passionate make out sessions everywhere we go, passionate sex all of it.

This Wednesday she had plans to hang out with her gf and then Thursday we were going to take our dogs to the park and watch a movie together. However Thursday morning I get a text that she is super tired and if we can move the plans for the following day. Even though she offered another date to continue with the plans, it still caught me by surprise as to the spontaneous cancellation.

she has been going out all week since Friday and Tuesday we slept 4 hours due to having s3x until 4 am. So she could genuinely be tired but the “believe women’s actions and not her words” is creeping up on me.

I responded with, “no worries, get some rest so that we can continue with more adventures”

Also, I think it’s important to share that the reason why we’ve been seeing each other so much is becaause she has a work trip in February for several weeks until she gets back.

how do you guys handle these spontaneous cancellations/reschedule from girls ? Specially when she’s showing super high signs of attraction.
Dude she canceled one date after spending an exorbit amount of time with you. Relax man. Do you have other plates spinning? My advice is if she cancels the date your job is to not give a f*ck.