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Peruano Report: Valeria [1]


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Jun 17, 2023
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I met a girl at the gym and we had a gym date two days later.

During the date, the girl would hug me and press her body against mine. She mentioned her legs frequently and would press her buttocks and chest against me when I helped her with squats and other exercises.

I allowed these moments of contact to happen and would caress her face and legs.

Here comes my first mistake (I believe). I didn't escalate the verbal flirting. When the girl said things like, "I have a very nice summer bathrobe. It's too small for me," I simply responded, "Sounds nice." To which she said, "I could show it to you someday." And I replied, "Great. I'd love that." Which I think was not good by any means if the girl looks already horny, I believe.

The second mistake was that I didn't try to kiss her during the gym date. I don't like the idea of being affectionate in very social places where everyone knows me, like the gym. I don't like people knowing about my private or romantic life. I don't know why, but deep down I think it's a Nice Guy behavior.

When we left the gym, I didn't make any attempts, and she tried to hold my hand playfully. Just as we were about to part ways to catch the bus, I tried to kiss her, and she rejected me by hugging me.

The next day, her attitude changed. She wasn't affectionate anymore and didn't get as close as before. I could see that she was interested in talking to other guys.

She started talking about wanting something serious and saving herself for a special man. In addition to the mistakes I already mentioned, I think I messed up by talking too much about myself. This must have given her information to realize that I would make a good boyfriend.

When she finished her routine, she stood next to me and waited for me to leave together (without me asking). As we were leaving, I tried to kiss her again. She didn't accept and wanted me to take her home, to which I agreed because it's only a 3-minute walk from the gym. At her doorstep, I tried to kiss her again, but this time I got annoyed because at that moment I felt like she was playing with me. I tried to convince her that I deserved a kiss for bringing her home. And she responded that she needed more from me and asked me to take her on a romantic date (a date in the park with strawberries and chocolate, to be specific). It didn't work. Afterward, I felt like an idiot for insisting on the kiss.

Three days later, I saw her at the gym on a date with another guy who seemed like someone she had just met. When she saw me, she got nervous and immediately tried to rationalize the situation as if she was trying to deceive me that nothing was happening. I ignored the issue, greeted her, and went about my business. As I walked in, I noticed that she kept looking back at me with a nervous gesture as if to see if I was looking (I was, I wanted to study her body language and the guy's to learn things).

When she finished training, she didn't leave with the guy and came to wait for me, just like last time. I was treating her with indifference and barely speaking. She would entertain me, and I would tease or mock her to amuse myself. Afterward, she invited me to the park to eat nuts. We ate and talked for an hour while I caressed her buttocks, legs, and hair, but she did not appeared responsive or reciprocate. Probably she just ended ovulation? I tried to kiss her, but she refused. I dropped her off at her house again because it was nearby, and this time she let me kiss her. However, there was no enthusiasm on her part. She was only receptive to the kiss. I didn't make it long and left quickly after the kiss.

Throughout this time since the last date, she tries to convince me to have a romantic date with jokes or indirect comments, but I ignore her. Or simply, I don't take her seriously when I respond or continue her thread.

Previously, the date consisted of going to a park, where I would buy the chocolate and she would bring the strawberries. I told her that if she wants, we can play volleyball one sunday (because I like to play volleyball on sundays), and she can bring her strawberries and chocolate to eat afterwards :).

That's it. The reason I didn't escalate well in the first few encounters is because of my Nice Guy behaviors that makes me hide my sexuality. Any advice on that?

The girl acts dumb and innocent, but wears very thigh clothes at the gym. She has told me stories about her being assaulted or approached by strangers and reacting very calm (no screams, no fear). She is very attentive to certain type of men at the gym as is very, very social. Any opinions on this girl?

I think that I made her lose interest as a ****buddy, and now I feel like I should let her go, ignore her, and wait to see if the spark reignites.