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People Trolling POF In Your Area Too?


Master Don Juan
May 12, 2011
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I can provide specific examples but I'm pretty sure I've found a few dudes(presumably) who made fake profiles to troll other dudes on POF in my area. Pretty sure it's the same guy, on at least a couple as he did the same style of making said "chick" look really stupid.

I can link specific examples, I messaged a couple of them. One was blatantly a troll so I actually sent a troll message right off the bat myself, just to fvck w/ him.

"Her" interest were drawing pictures of cats, playing with my cats etc...Lots of cat related crazy sh1t. And obviously, it had to be a smokin hot chick.

Another one ended up calling me bro, I called him out on being a dude.

Another thing, they will always flake out or deflect when you ask for the #.

I started using Ninja's POF message(find the thread to reference) and got another one last night. It was pretty obvious. Said they didn't know the difference of how to spell hikeing or hiking but wanted to go to school to be a EEG tech, was just being VERY stupid. When I was being a blatant **** and said I hope it didn't involve any spelling, just gave me a "your a sassy one." Something like that.

Like I said I could give links if you want but just curious if anyone else has noticed this in their respective area.