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Parking lot close, what now??


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Dec 22, 2004
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Cape Town, South Africa
Hi guys

Some advice please. I don't really have too much trouble being c&f around women, and in my experience this attitude is key to creating rapport and sexual tension. Since breaking up with my long term g/f, i have discovered David D's material and, subsequently this site, and am making a serious attempt to play by these "new" rules.
I haven't often been able to approach women i see using 3s rule etc, and am more used to meeting women in traditional places like my gym, through friends etc. As I said i have been c&f my entire life, but only in the last couple of years have i realised that my dry sense of humour can be defined in this way.
My question
Today while I was leaving a shopping mall, i saw this major babe (about 8) walking next to me towards her car. I was going to do my usual thing in these situations( ie. nothing!!!) , but she smiled at me, before getting in her car, so i turned around, walked up to her window, and started speaking to her. I was really nervous, though, so my c&f routine was virtually non-existent. But I asked her for her number and she gave it to me.
My dilemma is this. When I phone her, what should i say. i haven't really created any rapport with her, and this is going to be difficult over the phone. Any advice. PLEASE.


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Master Don Juan
Feb 1, 2003
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You should call her soon. The sooner the better. Less chance for you to become part of her distant memory. Which is likely considering your brief encounter.

Keep the conversation short and sweet and tell her you would like to meet her for coffee or a drink soon. Tell her there was something about her eyes or smile that intrigued you and you'd really like to meet her again.

This should give you a chance to work your ****y and funny.


Master Don Juan
Nov 3, 2004
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there is no need to create rapport or whatever trickery to get a date with a woman. she's either open to it or not.

sexual tension establishes that you are a sexual person.

****y and funny establishes you are a fun/funny person.

that's all. the important thing is that there are guys that do one or none of those things and still get the girl.