***Official Night with Dhoulmagus Interview Thread***

Maximus Rex

Apr 8, 2005
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Villa Regis
1) What brought you to SS and how did you find the site?

2) Any special reason for your So Suave username, why you chose it?

3) What's the best and or worst advice you've ever received in regards to chicks?

4) Have you ever posted or lurked on other seduction forums?

5) How many chicks have you slept with?

6) What was your worst and best experience with a chick? (girlfriend or not)

7) Have you ever gotten friendzoned by a chick and if so were you able to get out of it?

8) Have you ever had a chick or chicks offering their pvssy to you on a platter and you blew them off for whatever reason? And why? (IE: They offered the pvssy on a platter to you at a bar in conversation or even at yours or their place and you blew them off.)

9) How do you handle chicks who flake?

10) Most plates you've spun at one time?

11) How do you handle a time of having no plates?

12) Dress style for going out to meet chicks?

13) Are you currently working out/exercising?

14) For meeting chicks which way is most successful in your point of view and have you tried all venues? (Day, Social circle, Online social media/ Online dating, clubs, vacation, through family, work or whatever else..)

15) Have you ever went full "No Contact"? (Not expecting "results" of getting a chick back.)

16) Do you ever see yourself getting married?

17) Have you read the full DJ Bible? Or some of it/none of it?

18) Have you ever met up with or talked to any So Suave posters offline?

19) Favorite So Suave posters?

20) Thoughts on online dating?

21) Your thoughts on the Manosphere?

22) Thoughts on Rollo Tomassi’s book? Have you read it or plan on it?

23) What is/was your shining moment as a Don Juan and when you felt you just “got it” in regards to chicks, or are you continually evolving?

24) What do you hope to gain by being a member of So Suave?

25) Do you feel that one of the reasons you sought a forum such as this is because you've been lied to by society in regards to how to treat women in relationships and how to conduct yourself as a man?

26) How long did you lurk on this site?

27) Where do you see yourself six months from now in terms of your ability to main a women's interest and the number of women you have slept with? Or you just want to acquire to skill to a woman that's interest in having a relationship?

28) Thoughts on So Suave itself and ideas for improvement/ last words or comments?