No butterflies...

Nov 15, 2004
Lowest partner count was 3 that I've dated with me as the third supposedly. 4th was two weeks after exclusivity haha.
I was #2 for my GF. The first guy turned into a needy stalker who wrote songs about her and posted them on youtube.

One of my other GFs wasn't jaded either, but she was also young.

That's why old bytches just aren't worth pursuing for relationships. They whine and cry that they haven't found the right guy yet, they're lonely, etc. Lots of guys (including the ones on this site) keep giving them the opportunity to feel loved, but then her friend Mike wants to go to a movie with her, and she won't give up Mike because she shouldn't have to give up her friends for anybody.

These women are good for a fvck and toss. Wipe your d1ck off in her hair and move on to the next. They're not capable of being respectful in a relationship because they've fvcked too many guys and they've accumulated too many guy friends, some she's likely slept with. A woman who isn't jaded is less likely to disrespect you in a relationship.

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May 23, 2003
Pittsburgh, Pa
It means she doesn't really like you and she doesn't see you as long term material. I find that women who say this usually mean you aren't ahole enough for her, you might be too nice, she doesn't see you as aggressive, or she doesn't see you as a winner.


Master Don Juan
Jan 17, 2016
You’re doing something wrong, idk what it is. But if you’re blowing out chicks left and right, you’re trying too hard. Once you’re having sex you can turn off the try hard ****


Master Don Juan
Jan 3, 2010
New Jersey
Some of y'all are overthinking this. It doesn't matter what she says or the why she says it, it's how she's acting. Butterflies, no chemistry, it's me not you... they're all the same thing. Instead of analyzing what she's saying just move on from it and onto the next one.


Master Don Juan
Feb 4, 2008
I've had several women say the following:

"I really like you and think you are very sexy, but I just don't feel any butterflies in my I don't think I want to keep seeing you"

All of them used this exact expression "no butterflies in my stomach" and gave that as the reason to end things. It kinda sounds like a polite way to say "I don't find you attractive" but most of these girls were already having sex with me (sex was good and they were eager for more), they were constantly texting me, looking for my attention, some even indicated they wanted me as their boyfriend etc. In other words, they definitely were attracted and showed high interest, so it's not a case of LJBF or anything.

So wtf did they mean then? Has any of you guys heard this line before under those circumstances? High attraction, high interest butterflies in her stomach, so she wants to end things...
I can only speculate. You would need to share more about these women and the relationships that ensued.

I had a girl once tell me she didn't have butterflies and she said she found me physically attractive and showed plenty of interest. I didn't always call her like I should, didn't return texts in a timely manner and as a result it didn't make her feel comfortable with the relationship. It was really all about drinks, hanging out, and sex. Not much intimacy and I think this was what she really meant. She told me our sex was awesome(pretty much pornstar like). I certainly didn't have "loving" chic style sex with this girl. Girls need some of that to get their needs met. I really wasn't emotionally available to her and that led to the demise. Women need more than the physical, visual connection thats guys need. They need that emotional and verbal connection that creates butterflies.
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