Never report to a woman, ever.


Master Don Juan
Jun 26, 2012
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Ha, I did this too, years ago. She was super incompetent but super hot and slvtty.

I've had a number of jobs with male and female bosses, and my mileage on both has varied. Probably the best situation I was in, for a decade, I had a female boss. She was well-centered, organized, and great at her job, and she let me do mine with very little interference. I think she was better to men, and that some of the women who worked under her didn't like her as much.

Other than her, most of my bosses, male and female, have been head cases. I did have one good male boss but we were based in different cities. But he didn't play any of the passive-aggressive games so many others did.
I havent ****ed any one my female bosses, even though I could, one in particular was really flirting with other guys around enough for then ask if I was, too risk and I really didn't need that anoyance together with my work, but I did play all of then right, all of then loved me and wanted me to stay when I did leave

so in the end its the same deal as always, its all about how well you can play with then and keep then wanting you


Apr 26, 2006
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Hole in the Ground, Illinois, USA
I was under woman boss at my day job who was so toxic I sued in Federal Court to get out from under her. After two years of litigation I was successful at that. I was put under a male boss who was awesome. Then he said he was going to retire. So I demanded a written guarantee from the place that when he retired they would not put me back under the toxic woman. Because I had heard that that is what they were going to do. So my two years of hard work would have been undone. They pretty much told me to go fvck myself, so I told them where to stick it and switched jobs. Have a woman boss now at my new place. I was worried sick at first it would be more of the same. On alert red to an excessive level. But I have to give an honest report to you guys. She is absolutely wonderful. I have nothing bad to say about her. She has treated me very fairly and respectfully. So I guess it’s like finding good women to date. There are good women bosses out there but they are extremely hard to find.