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Need some help here, I like her but tricky situation


Senior Don Juan
Nov 23, 2022
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So if she repeatedly lies the guy that she has a boyfriend, but then she still hangs around him entirely out of her free will and then opens her legs for him, she will manage to use her lying as a successful defense in this imaginary court of justice? :lol: :lol: C'mon man.
No person in his right mind is fooled by this and that's why I said she must be pretty messed up if she tricks herself with this kind of nonsense.
We really need to stop using person to refer to men and women as some homogeneous group of people, who think, act, and operate alike. You'd be amazed to know how many women I know (they aren't random 304s, just normal women working normal jobs) operate like this. Also actions speak louder than words:
We have some more cexual jokes here and there, I kino touch her sometimes but nothing special, I didn't want to make it akward since she has a bf and I am trying to make her monkey branch but I also want to make sure that she doesnt know where I stand. She keeps flirting, she definetley trusts me, but she didn't really make a move, sit on the couch with me or make it very clear that she has interest. Just plays and fun.
That being said, I don't recommend OP keep pursuing her. At this point, it seems to me that she is mostly using him for attention, food, and money.


Master Don Juan
Jun 25, 2013
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Gambino just run game on her. Take your shot. Invite her over for drinks. If she declines. Say ok If you change your mind hit me up.
Leave the door open. She may hit you up when the bf gets old. Or in a fight
Going to do this. Thanks


Senior Don Juan
Mar 4, 2023
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But if she comes in with flip flops / sandals or takes them off in your house to walk around I'd make a move.
I love that no 1 disagreed with this post. A professional who said she has a bf, but if she 1 day comes in with open flip flops and walks around barefoot...

So when do we get updates on this story.