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Don Juan
Jun 27, 2022
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Briefly about me: am 32 (Kurdish descent and hardcase) and have a child. Game since 2019, since summer 2022 really on.

For about a month I was out with a few WIngs from a Vienna WhatsApp group (Maverick) with a few... the experience showed me, however, that it is better to go out alone. To be honest, most of the ones I met can't go out alone, or don't have the leisure to go out, but want to be told by me, okay talk to them, now!

Or if they or I open a group of 2 I have always been the one to keep the conversation going... but was still an inspiration to go out more. But do you need that every time you go out? Absolutely not

My investment for Game: the last 4 weeks: 40 hours of Cold appraoch and self amusement.

Anyway, I was out again yesterday from 10pm, went down to the Danube Canal right after warming up at Schwedenplatz in front of McDonalds. My walk did not take long and wanted to address the one, I looked at her, she looks at me. I see that she still looks at me, although I go on, but she also had a dog and wanted to get something. I thought to myself she knows me and went a little further.... But still observed her asking people for weed. I walked on quickly, walking slowly in front of her and just looked her in the eye.

She asked my name and wow.. She remembered me. Exactly 3 years ago I had approached her. Wow. I was just pleasantly surprised that she remembered my name but I don't remember hers but I know a little about her and we had short small talk about if it's good stuff what she got what she's doing now and we went to Mc Donalds briefly and I actually intended her to go down like then again briefly and she smokes her joint ect but wasn't the case after I paid (4 EUR) because she actually wanted to pay and my drink cost more than hers so I paid. She suggested because she had a dog whether we do not go for a walk to Karlsplatz.... I agreed.

A mistake I made, at the beginning of the conversation she suggested I try mushrooms because she had some at her house. Which I won't because I've never done that and don't know how that might turn out for me, plus I very rarely smoke weed only. But I could actually tease her with, "Oh, we've been talking for 5 minutes and you're trying to make plans about getting me into your apartment?"

I simply said that now is not the time, as I have to work on Monday. We walked some more, I touched her "Frido Kahlo earrings" and we talked about art and advertising. I still walked her dog briefly so I could get my fear away, I was raised by Turkish parents with no dogs or against dogs. I teased her back and forth, push pulled along: I love you, but I also hate you. She laughed and asked why, I hugged her and said, I like your way of thinking and your maturity, but for that I do not like her pants because too long, whereupon she laughed.

After that she said, I have to take U4 (subway) then and where do you have to go? I replied to a message from an Ebay member (because I sell art there) to think a little about what I can say and after a minute I said: let's go to the park and smoke, I still have half an hour before I meet my friend. And she said no, I have to go home and finish my website.

To which I just said okay, but she said she would like to see me again and she doesn't have my number anymore. Whereupon she typed her number into my cell phone.... Today (the next morning) I asked her if she could still revise her website and I write only now because I was yesterday still on the road.

She wrote back: Yes, I'm halfway done with my website and I'm going to make another website (we also talked about Ecommerce last night) and she said we can go for a walk these days.

Whereupon I have simply liked her message, since I cannot these days anyway. Will certainly still report. I also go out alone during the week, and this week I was with a Jule from Germany, she studies genetics & microbiology, unfortunately I could not get on here, so no sexualisation, no kiss no nothing. We just hugged at the end and I wrote her last night:


Hi Jule
Hope you had fun with your friends still on this day.

If you like we can do something together.

she has not yet written back. The other interaction with a Colombian who is here with her girlfriend, unfortunately can not pullen to me because I have a child. But the point is that always longer stay in sets and 1% progress.

Will still report a little here all summer, stay tuned.....