My Great story about how I did a divk Slide into a Brazilian Babes Booty!


Don Juan
May 8, 2017
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I was on no fap around 4 months ago and never went off it sense this happened! I was horny as all **** because I hadn't gotten off in over a month. I saw this girl with a huge ass and ran up to her dropped my normal opener. "I though you were absolutely adorable and had to say hi, my name's Codi. She was flattered and she said 'we should walk to the store she's going to together.' I was somewhat shocked it was going perfectly, we then sat down to talk for a second. I asked for her number and said I wanted to keep talking. She really liked that and sent me a smile face as the first text, I knew at this point I had it in the bag THEN PLOT TWIST she said I'm from Brazil and leaving tomorrow at 3pm. I though ****, how do I make a solid move on this girl? I though to myself **** it I walked her to the store and said um... I was wondering if I could get a good bye kiss? She looked surprised and said YES. We made out in the middle of the shopping center for a good 10 seconds going hard. The next day we has sex, than anal and she left forever..... Good woman....


Master Don Juan
Sep 5, 2013
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