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Memory thoughts: Leaving an impression that lasts a lifetime

Lynx nkaf

Master Don Juan
Nov 17, 2019
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Hearing a song, smelling a scent....

I had an ex from 1993 that ramped up exposing me to so many musical genres(he had the means to buy lots of cds)

He went through so many colognes-pretty much covering all the nuanced scent 'flavours'(I don't know how to describe the
nuances in storebought scents)

There's that point in a relationship that approaches where you're about to break up(he wanted children; I did not....even way back then)

He was intelligent, a piercing and confident intelligence with a soulweary grasp on the importance of time.

I'm just posting this publicly as a nod and a curtsy to his genius in flooding my smell and auditory senses to the point I couldn't not think of him and remember him on an almost daily basis even 27 years later as a style of music comes on or a man walks by with the note of sandalwood or some other scent signature.

"The one that got away".....

I wonder if anyone has experienced a dying relationship where your partner was clever enough to leave a positive, on purpose, senses-based memory-triggering-for-a-lifetime impression on you?
Pure genius. Much respect to him, always.


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