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Massive Oneitis need some help.


Master Don Juan
Mar 21, 2008
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There are more girls out there, as special as she is. Everybody is special... No one is "more special then" another person, because everyone is unique and different. And I am sure that the only reason you are obsessing about her beauty is because of your emotions you have for her. If I looked at her, I would just think she is a normal girl, I wouldn't make her a godess because I don't have emotions for her, I would just be looking at her neutrally. IF you happen to look at other girls who are cute but are like "she can never replace my ons" or "She's cute and all but I can never like her, I only have eyes for my ons" I'd think better about that.

So go get another girl if this one doesn't like you, no big deal, there are tons more girls. You don't need this one for nothing... There are more hot girls out there, that's for sure. Just as good as this one is.

Plus if you feel that you are somehow less because she doesn't like you, screw that crap. Everyone deserves to be loved and respected as a person, you have your own unique qualities and have to like yourself because of that. If someone doesn't like you, it's because they don't understand you, simple as that. Everyone has value... If she doesn't happen to see it in you, that's fine for you. Remember you don't need her, that just because she doesn't think you are a great person, doesn't mean you are not. Just go find another chick basiclly that is what I am saying, and go improve your self esteem that is independent of what people think about you. It doesn't matter if others think you aren't anything special as long as you know you have value... It's your opinion that matters the most.