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Losing Frame in Relationship


Master Don Juan
Aug 20, 2009
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Is the best way to gain back my frame to stay distant and care less about her?

I have lost my frame, and became too nice/too available. I stopped my self improvement. I noticed she is contacting me less...and it is making me nervous. Really bringing out my insecurities.

Now I am setting up to improve myself so that this never happens again.

How can I recover after this? I think she doesn't see me as a challenge any more now that she "has" me.


Master Don Juan
Jun 2, 2012
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just play women game , when she has some what she show less ,call less , care less , just do like that


Don Juan
Feb 29, 2012
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How long have you been together?

I started to lose the frame with a girl I've posted about a couple times. Started smashing in May...

The last three days her behavior was wack, really the last 45 days, but whatever. I'd say 10 days ago, I really started distancing and not texting, ever. No calling really, etc. So, here she comes again- texting, being sweet, etc. So dumb.

Anyway, this weekend, she showed up at my house and was drinking with my roommate while i was out on Thurs, left super fast, late at night the last two nights to "console her sister" over some high school drama.Oh, and not fvcking me for the last week. She's almost 25. So, last night I dumped her on her ass- right on the spot. You should try it. You def regain the frame. Although, she may not care. If she doesn't care, its for the best anyway. Win-win. So many pretty babies out there!

If you love her, are in love with her or have a oneitis situ, that could be harder.