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Life in the fast lane


Senior Don Juan
Dec 23, 2021
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I perceive it as that for various reasons I’ve lived a very fast life for a decade or so. A lot of stress, adrenaline. Everything from free diving to performing on stage and what not in between. I don’t know happiness in some way, perhaps short periods some day here and there.

It seems it now slows down. And I find that very difficult to handle. Sleeping decently is rare for me, I’m perplexed at what to do with a “regular” life. Watch TV, lol.

I take risk in responsible ways I think, but I must say there is some part of me that likes pressure, like some kind of addiction personality. I had no idea.

How do people approach these things? Shall one live the IKEA life, or let the chips fall where they may?

Perhaps find some balance. Reasonably healthy, but not too boring either. Will be demanding to do the reduction/change, though. Tbh, don't want to.


Master Don Juan
Feb 4, 2008
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I've been a speed junkie all my life. If it's got wheels I will find the limits. But there was a 10yr period I went thru that I crashed everything you can crash. Broke several bones. Hospital stays. Road motorcycles everywhere. Outran the cops many times. Used to party 3 nites a week. Often At the lake on a boat at party cove, lots of naked girls. Raced cars on the weekend. Never home. Dated a few t!tty dancers. Changed out girlfriends every 2-3months. Have a ton of crazy fun memories.

Had a blast. Got the most out of life. With age I've slowed down and sometimes it drives me crazy. I often feel if I am not out doing something that I am wasting my life away. I'm either working or doing something. Not one to watch much TV nor sit around.

But my advice is to do it as long as you can right until the wheels come off. You always pay a price for living fast. You don't get out unscathed. But it's worth the risk.