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Leo Di Caprio "refused to be with a woman older than 25.2 years old"


Master Don Juan
Apr 30, 2006
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But he can’t help it – he absolutely refuses to be with a woman older than 25.2 years old. Don’t you understand that a witch cast a spell on him and his d–k would fall off if he dated a 26 year old? Do you want that on your conscience?
Some comments:
I doubt the girls really understand. That’s exactly why men over 30 date girls in their early 20s….they’re naive. The men know they can’t pull the same BS with someone their own age.
So I read this article about how our frontal cortex does not stop developing until 25. So in truth we are basically still adolescents up till then. We really are not full adults till 25 which makes this extra gross. Leo likes them in the more pliable adolescent stage so he can be in full control. It’s gross but also kinda sad. He is never going to make an actual adult connection.
The reason Leo dates only younger women is that they are malleable. They may seem mature but they’re vulnerable to being manipulated. Leo couldn’t handle a mature woman, he seems to need to be in control and have an adoring, hero-worshiping young woman by his side instead of someone who is smart, in control of her life and unwilling to be *managed*.
I hate Leonardo di Caprio with a passion. He has a Peter Pan youth fetisch while almost turning 50 and growing a belly beer. I believe he pays these women off so they won’t tell all.
Gisele Bundchen and Blake Lively were able to escape on time to start their families. Di Caprio is a youth vampire and time waster. How is this not considered mental abuse?
Going forward no woman who would qualify to date him should have anything to do with him. He is ridiculously fixed on women who are younger than 26 even though he is almost 50 years old. Just because he is a movie star does not give him the right to treat his girlfriends like that. Why do women keep falling for him? Don’t they know they will be discarded when they reach the old age of 26?
He’s literally stuck in an emotional and mental time zone that hasn’t aged even though physically, Leo continues to do so. I’m the same age as Leo, if my 21yr daughter told me she was dating a man the same age as me, I would shut it down immediately. Leo doesn’t need another young woman, he needs to see a therapist.
This is just gross. Unfortunately he will get another very young woman to do it over again as 20 year olds don’t have the experience to deal with his gaslighting manipulation. I am sure they think they all will be “the one” and it makes me sad as women we put up with men such as this in our lives.
Léo is emotionally stunted..
I know everyone jokes about the 25 thing, but this is just weird at this point. Like pathologically weird.