Know That You Can


Master Don Juan
May 17, 2001
I firmly believe that anyone can handle anyone else.. let it be a movie star.. or a little h00ker down the street.

A lot of people doubt the fact that they could be going out with supermodels and stuff.. because they KNOW it. They KNOW the supermodels have a great life.. and have a lot of connections.. and those normal citizens KNOW that they're just normal. Its all in the mind. You can't just go up to someone with a great position in the community thinking to yourself "I'm confident.. I'm confident" and expect to pull things off. Thats thinking. You don't think.. you have to KNOW.

Why get intimidated by 8-10 chicks when they only know how to laze at home calling up hunks? You KNOW you have a better life than them.. and they will be lucky if they ever have a chance to talk to you. Problem is.. people these days think they're confident enough to do anything they want to any chick, and in the end.. they screw everything up.

Those guys with the chicks KNOW that they're superior. Thats why you don't see them fumbling for words when they see beautiful women. If you're having trouble with this.. pick up some sports.. get a musical instrument.. get a job. Study. Be someone useful in life. Have a hobby. After achieving all these.. you KNOW your life is meaningful.. and girls/women won't mean anything to you anymore. They will have to be the ones chasing you.. because you KNOW you can get any chick you want with the snap of your fingers, at the status you are in.

So don't just think confident.. KNOW that you are the best.. never put up with any bu11sh1t.. respect yourself. That way you can succeed in every way in life. Good luck.


Don Juan
Apr 10, 2001
bump haha I got to it before Chalenge Guy =)

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