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Jobs/Careers that pay good money with minimum hours


Sep 10, 2014
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Respecting work/life balance is as much about the company employing you as it is about the field. Some fields like Law have very little respect for this and are full of psychopaths that will work you to death given half the chance.

The company I work for has an official policy of disincentivizing after-hours work, and it still manages to be an industry leader that is growing while the category is declining overall.

Software engineering is a great career path, but the supply of software engineers out there is getting pretty big and there are companies that are paying junior software engineers minimum wage.

I strongly recommend you learn SQL or other database languages because you can use them in any industry, as opposed to programming languages which are specifically related to software development.
People never seem to understand that being a software engineer and being good at software engineering are two different things.

Think of it like people who play basketball or soccer with their friends...there are a lot of people who do it. How many of them are good enough to do it professionally? And out of all the professional players how many of them are considered good for professionals?

50% of software engineers have no idea how to properly architect a solution from the ground up and even fewer of them could actually do it if they needed to on their own.

That's why I keep telling people there is a shortage in this industry...and the shortage doesn't come from the quantity of people in it but from the quality of the people in it.