I've Just About Burned This Town to the Ground


Apr 27, 2019
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I run into so many girls I've hooked up with, had sex with, ignored, rejected, I'm literally running out of girls.

One situation is very similar to example 1 from this thread:

I made out with multiple girls that night and the group of 3 girls now act super weird/uncomfortable around me. Basically, they won't talk to me.

Another girl is too polite to totally ignore me, but I bailed on her to hang out with the two girls in a situation very similar to example 2 from the thread listed above.

Girl 3 tried to ignore me for months (not as if I wanted anything to do with her, she's not attractive). However, she is an event planner for a lot of local parties, so she is kind of pivotal. Her horniness won out however, and she tried to chat me up, but I just walked right past her ignoring her. I'm willing to cut ties with that group since it's not an important source of attractive women like it used to be. Plus, her jealousy and c0ckblocking would start up again immediately even if I did accept an invite.

Meanwhile I'm still getting more numbers and more dates, and I don't even hit up the clubs and bars much anymore. But the more women I date, the more of this latent animosity and jealousy builds up and the more uncomfortable it is to go out for dates or just hang out, and the more callous I feel like I have to become. I see these girls stringing guys along endlessly so I feel absolutely zero obligation to date any of them exclusively.

Most all of these girls know each other and there is certainly some degree of gossip although I don't know exactly how much. I keep telling myself I want to meet a girl I can be exclusive with, but that feeling doesn't last for very long.