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Is there anyone who is (or was) an operations manager?


Senior Don Juan
May 11, 2017
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I'm going to hiring event Thursday for an operations manager trainee. I'm 26,currently work 2 part-time positions, have a BBA in General Business, and never had a manager position before. (Just leader banquet server at bro inlaw's banquet hall lol).

Matter of fact only reason I have a chance is cause in my opinion it's a hiring event and I didn't actually get called up for the intial interview. Why am I going? Exposure to a manager interview and I have nothing to lose lol.

Can someone give me advice and pointers for this besides researching the company? I do that before every interview and also have an interview book so I do know the interview basics(how to dress, typical general interview questions and how to answer,etc). I'd like operations manager specific advice.


P.s. I'm actually looking for career as software developer before/while I start hot shot trucking business. I'm attending full time coding bootcamp in future once I have comfortable amount of money saved up to sustain myself for 6 months as they don't want us to work in bootcamp since it's like mon-fri full time + projects. So yeah if I get hired(strong likely hood I won't) I'd probably quit within a year.


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Master Don Juan
Jun 2, 2012
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Learn about management style , conflict resolutions, you name it, since you have business degree, however operation manager position is not given to someone without real experience, unless it is some small business . good luck