Interpreting eye contact!

Nicholas Hill

Master Don Juan
Nov 17, 2001
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Swansea, Wales, UK
You guys crack me up.

Soon we'll have a competition for the bank or building society account number. You money hungry perverts.

Confused, I sense this is all good advice. Ultimately, it's all down to one thing: action.

I keep telling people that doing nothing is not a good thing to do. You say that you make all of the moves all of the time - I sense you've had boyfriends with low self esteem and zero balls. They probably threw them over the fence when they realised that a GIRL such as yourself was interested in them.

I think this guy is a DJ, and to be honest, it is possible such a guy just wants attention, to know that other girls still fancy him, so what I suggest is that you do the boldest thing and ask him out to coffee, NOT in a work environment, or even bowling / pool / fun action dates like that, on a weeknight and see his response.

From past experience, the "response" will be all of the information you will ever need about this guy's intentions for you.



Don Juan
Jul 28, 2003
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Thank you gentlemen

This is all good feedback

I'll skip supplying you with the name, address, bank balance and ex-boyfriend's references, qualifications, photograph and measurements if you DON'T mind...though I doubt any of the above would be things that would be really putting him off ;)

Unless, as I said, he's into Naomi Campbell-types...or finds the whole idea of me too intimidating