I’m lost and tired


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Oct 2, 2008
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Too many places at once
Maxtro, are you doing the boot camp, or taking other concrete steps to get your head straight?

Start recording how you spend your time, then post it. Every monday-thursday, them a recap of your weekend on sunday.

For example:

06h00-awake. Made breakfast, hygiene
06h45-left for work
07h30-at work
16h30-at gym
19h00-at home, made dinner
20h00-grocery store
21h00-surfed net
23h00-hygiene, in bed, sleep

Work on doing something. Every long journey begins with a single step, venting is simply a coping mechanism that returns you nothing. Stop thinking in generalities, become detail-focused, create and follow a concrete plan and start improving your life. It is not complicated but it requires some willpower.


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Jan 11, 2011
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Maxtro said:
Every few days I come back to this thread and think over how I want to reply. Whether I just want to vent or actually work on doing something.

For two years I've focused primarily on this one girl. It is so hard to get over her and I've felt like shit for a few months now. Just no real motivation to do anything except game or use the internet.

I haven't worked out in months because I have no energy. Honestly, I would work out hardcore if I knew that it was going to lead me to getting the hot blonde with big boobs. But there isn't anything even close to a guarantee, not even a guarantee that I could get an average girl. With my level of energy, it's really hard to focus on something like that when I have no idea if it will help at all. But yeah, I should just go to the gym and start getting back into it.

Where is motivation supposed to come from? I desperately want a GF, but why can't I bother going to bars or hitting on random women I see around? I have a guess that I'm having trouble getting motivated because I don't even really know what I'm after. What is a girlfriend? Why do I want one? Sure sex can be motivation, but I'm used to paying. Why is a real girl better than a hooker? I don't know what I'm missing.

I don't see that I'm pedestallizing women. I was just listed ways that other guys annoy me. I think my biggest problem is that since I'm working on my undergrad (almost done) and work retail, all the guys I interact with are much younger than me. I just see them as juvenile. I'm sure this will change when I get a real job and there will be more people closer to my age.

BTW, I've mostly accepted that things with this girl are completely over. No more retarded instances of trying to make contact. She's going out of the country soon and I can't think of a better breaking point. It still really sucks.
Man I doubt you are in worse shape than I was. Not that Im the **** now, far from it but I've had more fun the last 2 years just relaxing and enjoying(making guy friends) male company.

At 25 I started playing an online game, I got super hooked...prolly played 9 to 10ish years....I was great at it. During that time I worked, but barely socialized outside of work...I came home....fired up my online game for a lot of those years. When I did workout, I ran...I didn't lift. I was a good runner so subsequently I pushed harder in the sport which made me skinnier...I had a nice body but it didn't scream masculine. I barely ever got chicks because 1) I took myself out of social situations where I COULD meet chicks by playing online 2) being skinny and devoting the rest of my free time to running that I took waaaay serious...both of those took me out the dating game.

The few periods of time I did resurface and take a break from gaming and became more social....I got my oneitis...but I DID get laid here and there...I got crushed by my oneitis but it was well worth it. But I would never had that experience if I hadn't put down the games, showered, hung out with some guys and went out. Don't even start going out with the intention to "score some chick". Go out with some buddies(make some if you don't have some) to go out to have some fun with YOUR BUDDIES...eventually, trust me, you'll feel so natural about it that at least approaching a girl won't be anything.

I had two long term relationships during the gaming period, but during times where I wouldn't play. When things would get rough I would say **** it....she's nuts so why not play....that made things worse because I couldn't balance normal playing times like a normal person might be able to. That made our problems worse...anytime I would quit and refocus on things, things usually got better.

Today I haven't touched that **** in over 2 years. I only run here and there for cardio, I workout with weights...I get a lot of compliments on my body...people say I look 27 instead of 37. I hang with guys from work as young as 20-30 and get along with their younger friends just fine(even fook some of the younger girls). I don't pull a ton of ass but man it's 100 percent difference between sitting at home playing video games versus having guy friends, working out, and going out on the weekend in terms of just the POSSIBILITY of getting a girl or some ass(if that's what you want). I'm in the game now, at least do the same for yourself so you can make a decision which one you prefer.

I used to think the stuff by Pook(the workout stuff) was bull**** but since I've been working out I get hit on consistently by 3-4s...like ALL the time...I'm talking like rubbing all up on my ****. I didn't get that before, I used to get very subtle hints from the same type o chicks but never overt touching. I get the occasional look from 5-7s but usually nothing too obvious...but they do give my comments about my body all the time...usually something like "He-man" or some ****. 8-9s still don't give me time of day. But yeah, I'm not even super buff dude...I'm 185 lbs at 6'feet. If my ugly ass can go from maybe getting laid once a year to I think I ****ed like 5-6 women last year and turned down a ton of uggs and fatties, and sprinkle some LTRs in there as well.....YOU CAN TOO!

Well barring any crazy social impedement you're not telling us about.
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Jul 15, 2002
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Congratulations man. Nice to hear you made it.